Over the course of nine seasons I’ve seen my share of bizarre things occur at the ballpark. There was the time when Jay Bell hit the grand slam in 1999 that won a woman a million dollars from Shamrock Farms (by the way they are no longer a sponsor but I am not sure the two events are related). Then there was the triple play against the St. Louis Cardinals (by the way it was Mark McGwire that started the play by hitting a fly ball to Steve Finley in centerfield. The play was recorded as 8-2-6 if you’re keeping score). And there was even the ball that Matt Williams caught at ground level that went around the horn ending with Matt touching third base to record a third out (I am not even going to go into the scoring for that particular play). Not all the weirdness has been during the game. There has been a fair share of strangeness during pre-game ceremonies.

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