Babe Gonzalez?

The Arizona Diamondbacks have been recognized as having a deep farm system and it is beginning to pay dividends. When Russ Ortiz began to falter, the Diamondbacks needed someone to step into the starting rotation. They reached down and brought up Enrique Gonzalez. Gonzalez has proven to be a good addition to the pitching staff but the Diamondbacks got more than another serviceable arm, they got themselves an offensive force to be reckoned with.

Gonzalez appeared in seven games as a Tucson Sidewinder and accumulated 2 hits in 13 at bats for a .154 average. That doesn’t seem like much but if you compare those stats to Tony Clark of the Diamondbacks they are similar with Clark who is hitting .185 in 108 at bats. Obviously, Arizona did not expect much from Enrique at the plate but in his first start he nearly equaled Clark’s batting average. Through the first 8 games with the major league club, Gonzalez has had 13 at bats, the same as his minor league year. But facing major league pitching, Enrique has managed to get 6 hits or triple the number he had at AAA. Three of those six hits came in his last start on Monday where he went 3-3 scoring 2 runs and collecting 2 RBI. Enrique Gonzalez is now leading the pitching staff with a .462 batting average and 3 RBI. These are Ted Williams kind of numbers. Is it too early to be comparing Enrique to Babe Ruth? Maybe but you never know. Maybe one day we’ll be rooting for Enrique Gonzalez to pass Barry Bonds en route to Hank Aaron. Stranger things have happened. In the meantime, I’ll be contacting ESPN to see if they would like to sign on as a sponsor for the Enrique Gonzalez Art of Hitting series of DVDs. We’re sitting on a gold mine here.

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