Diamondbacks, make it a part of you

There are times in your life where you just somehow make a connection with someone or something. This has been the case with me and the Arizona Diamondbacks. The franchise was awarded on my birthday March 9, 1995 and I have been a fan ever since. I’ve spent a lot of time following the Diamondbacks and Bank One Ballpark was like my second home.

When Bank One was purchased by Chase, I wondered like everyone else what would happen to Bank One Ballpark. Would it remain the BOB or would it change. BOB came to mean something and held a special place in my heart so I hoped it would stay the same. But in this time of corporate naming rights I knew this would not be the case. So in a pre-game ceremony last season they unveiled that the name would be changed to Chase Field. That just does not have the same ring to it as BOB and I have to constantly catch myself from referring to it as Bank One Ballpark.

The Diamondbacks have done their part and changed all the signage and reference from BOB to Chase Field. This included taking down all of the large signs that adorned the outside of the stadium, changing the shirts that the employees wore to display the Chase Field logo, and making sure all communications showed Chase Field prominently. But with all of these changes, you had to wonder what they were going to do with the old signs and items. Never one to miss a money-making opportunity, they decided to sell pieces of Bank One Ballpark to the fans through MLB Auctions.

As a diehard Diamondbacks fan I could think of nothing more cool than having an actual piece of the stadium in my house. Most might argue that I am well beyond that stage since I already own two stadium seats that sit in my living room. When our dining room set needed to be replaced I suggested to my wife that we get 8 stadium seats. We already had seat cushions to fit them, the seats folded up so they did not take up too much room. They were plastic and metal so they cleaned easily with a leaf blower and a hose. And they come with a cup holder where we could store beverages. Trina didn’t agree with my assessment that these were a perfect fit for us and made it clear that a real dining room set would be required. So now the Diamondbacks are selling pieces of Bank One Ballpark and I figured my chances of getting one were probably slim and none.

Just when you think that no one fully appreciates the dedication you have for the team, something magical happens. With Father’s Day approaching this year my children all decided that it would only be fitting that Dad have his own piece of the stadium. After all, he spends more time there than he does at home from April to October. So they pooled their money and with the help of their mother they bought a piece. It was delivered today and I have to say I could not have been happier. There is something about having a 16×20 inch piece of a baseball stadium that makes our living room complete. They go perfectly with the pictures of the franchise first pitch and the final out to win the 2001 World Series. It will hang prominently over the autographed baseballs. The 16 Diamondback bobbleheads all nodded in agreement that it was the perfect wall ornament. Trina just shakes her head and wonders what else will find its way into my “Diamondbacks shrine”.

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