Half Full or Half Empty?

I feel as though I have been caught in some sort of time vortex banished to another dimension where nothing works and I have to endure the same game outcome day after day after day. There is no other valid explanation for what happened in June. Even as an expansion team in 1998, it was not this ugly.

The month started out well enough with a four game sweep of the Atlanta Braves in Atlanta but then things went terribly wrong. The team came home and went 1-10 in a home stand against the Phillies, Mets, and Giants. They then went on the road where they went 1-7 against the Rangers, a one game make-up against the Pirates, and three in Tampa Bay. That was followed by a six game home stand where they went 1-2 against the Los Angeles Angels and were swept by the Seattle Mariners. Finally on the last day of June they won a game against the Oakland Athletics to bring their record in June up to 8-20.

The only saving grace was that the rest of the National League West had an equally weird month so the Diamondbacks were only three games out of first place. July 1 marks the 82 game of the season when the Diamondbacks face the Oakland A’s in game 2 of the series and their record for the first half is 38-42. It’s unclear at this point whether the June slide was a horrible mistake or the team just does not have the personnel to compete this year for the NL West title. There are eight games remaining before the all-star break and every game will be paramount to deciding whether the Diamondbacks are buyers or sellers at the trading deadline. I personally have my doubts about this team. I think we are probably 2 starters and a reliever away from being a strong contender for the pennant. I hope I am wrong because I am not sure how long my sanity can hold out if the rest of the season goes like June.

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