Hi Honey I’m Home!

While yesterday did count as the first home game after the All-Star break, it didn’t seem like it since I only got to enjoy one inning. Today I was not about to get short changed. I made a note that we were going to be at the ballpark early to soak up some ambiance. Tonight Trina was going with me which she doesn’t do that often. It’s not that she doesn’t like baseball; it is just that she seems to think that the kids should at least have access to one parent during a home stand. I’m not sure I fully understand that philosophy. I mean I have one of the kids with me at all times so they do have access. And they know they are more than welcome to call my cell phone whenever they need anything.

As Trina and I were walking around the concourse trying to decide which vendor we would eat at, she said the strangest thing. “You know, I just don’t get why people get so excited about going to the ballgame. After all, it is just a game.”

Are you kidding me? You mean after being married for 25 years you still don’t get it? It’s not just a game; it is a way for all of us to connect with something from our childhood. It is a way for each of us to get away from the trials and tribulations and forget about all the trivial issues we have in our every day lives. It is an opportunity for us to share in a game that our parents knew and our grandparents. Baseball is the one constant in the universe. Technology may change, the way we live our lives may be vastly different that it was for our parents but the one thing we have in common is baseball. I may not be able to talk to my parents about computers or MP3 players or any of the countless other gadgets that I have at my disposal but I do know that my dad and I can have passionate discussions about the designated hitter and who was the best pitcher to ever play the game. Baseball is that one equalizer in our lives that bridges generations and helps us to come to grips with getting older. We know that soon it will be our time to tell the next generation of the time we saw this player break that record or how we cheered in unison when we beat the Yankees. It is the warm memories of innocence when we watched these players play the positions we occupied on the sandlot. It’s like coming home to find a fresh baked plate of chocolate chip cookies waiting just as soon as you washed your hands and put your mitt away. That’s why people get excited about baseball.

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