How the West Was Won?

The Diamondbacks have played one series against the National League West since May 17 and that was a 3 game series at home June 13-15 against the San Francisco Giants. Now they start a stretch where they play 13 of their next 16 games within their division.

Tonight was game one against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The last time they faced the Dodgers was the first of May when Los Angeles came to Chase Field for a brief two-game series. The Diamondbacks swept that series and went on a 8 game winning streak. A lot has changed since then though. For one, the Dodgers have gotten better and healthier (with the exception of Eric Gagne who is still on the disabled list) and second the Diamondbacks have lost their groove thing (with the exception of the last 3 games against the Athletics where they looked like the 2001 Diamondbacks). So this series will be a telling sign of how much of a contender the Diamondbacks truly are. Tonight also marks the return of Juan Cruz who had arm problems requiring a visit to the 15-day disabled list. The good news is that the bullpen should be well rested since the last two games have been complete game wins by the starters. The bad news is that the bullpen was called early and often during game 1 of the series. Cruz threw 70 pitches just in the first 3 innings which is not good for the long term benefit of the ball club. The Dodgers seem to know exactly what was being thrown before the pitch got there. It was like watching batting practice as Los Angeles scored early and scored often. Every other inning the Dodgers put up more runs and by the end of the night the Diamondbacks looked like the same hapless team that we saw all during June. It was painful to watch as a Diamondbacks fan. The only positive was that the Diamondbacks pitchers hit Nomar Garciaparra 3 times allowing Nomar to tie a Major League Baseball record. Just so the Dodgers didn’t feel like Nomar was being picked on, Edgar Gonzalez hit Russel Martin too. What seemed odd was that no Dodger pitcher retaliated. I guess they figured scoring 10 runs was retaliation enough.

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