My Bad

I take complete responsibility for the way this Diamondbacks road trip is going. I am not taking credit for the win on Monday night. All that credit goes to Connor Jackson. I am taking ownership for the near loss on Monday as well as the loss on Tuesday and the struggle that the team is experiencing in today’s game. As I wrote on July 23, I had decided not to shave as long as the Diamondbacks continued to play well just so that I did not disrupt the mojo the team was getting. Well all that changed.

On Tuesday I was getting a lot of grief from Trina for looking like a bum so I thought maybe I would at least trip up the beard to look somewhat presentable. As soon as I did that, the Diamondbacks began to struggle in the game. Miguel Batista gave up some runs and threw another wild pitch. The team looked lost on the field and all I could think was that this was my fault. I can’t believe I nearly cost them the game! It wasn’t until late when my facial hair grew a little did the Diamondbacks rally to win that game in extra innings.

On Wednesday I had a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer and Trina was not about to allow me to attend that meeting looking like I did. She threatened that if I did not shave before going to work then she would shave me in the middle of the night. I don’t know about you but the thoughts of waking up to a disgruntled spouse with a razor pointed at your neck was not something I was real excited about. I’ve seen Fatal Attraction so I know how that kind of situation plays out. So fearing for my life, I shaved under duress. The meeting went well enough and no one commented about my clean shaven face so I thought maybe I was in the clear. Then I watched the game that night and watched as the Diamondbacks fell 6-4 to the Philadelphia Phillies. It was bad enough that I cost the team the game but I let down Brandon Webb who suffered only his fourth loss of the season. I was pretty depressed.

On Thursday I had a meeting with Executive Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents and therefore had to be properly groomed. I had to shave again today but did leave a small patch on my neck unshaven just to see if maybe I could salvage the rubber game of the series. At first I thought this would work when the Diamondbacks went up 2-0 on a couple of home runs but my hopes were quickly dashed with the Phillies tying the game in the fourth inning then going ahead in the fifth. Trina of course thinks it is pathetic that it was even a consideration that I would not shave for this important meeting. I tried to express to her that the Diamondbacks were now 2.5 games behind the San Diego Padres and that any further slip would have drastic implications to our play-off hopes. She said something about being obsessed but I didn’t hear the whole comment. I’m just hoping that I can get back home and let the beard grow again otherwise it could jeopardize the trip to Houston and Chicago.

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  1. BJ Blinston

    Personally I blame Jeff for a lot of things that happen. This is just one more example of his powerful influence on all things. I’m hoping that one of the blog entries will contain a “WWJD” (What Would Jeff Do) for situations during a game. As it stands the DBacks are down 5-2 top of nine with one out and Gonzo up, maybe enough of Jeff’s whiskers are growing on his plane trip to have an effect. . .

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