Native American Day

In today’s society it is easy to get caught up in the political correctness that invades our everyday lives. We have come to a point where you are fearful to say or do anything without fearing that you might offend someone. So when you look at the schedule and see that it is Native American Day at the ballpark, you just have to wonder what kind of trouble there may be.

At Chase Field, the gates opened and lines began to form as fans were eager to escape the 110 degree temperatures for the cool confines of the ballpark. Dakota and I stood in line waiting to have our bags checked to make sure we were not carrying anything dangerous into the ballpark such as a container of liquid not resembling water. At the turnstile we ran our tickets and went through. The ticket attendant welcomed us to the game and presented each of us with a free gift, an Indian blanket. Maybe I am just being sensitive but that sure seemed like a stereotype to me. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I gladly accepted the gift. Dakota was also given some beads and I had to wonder if this was some kind of inside joke symbolizing the fact that the Native Americans were ripped off by shiny trinkets. Maybe I am just being paranoid.

Before the game, Native American children were on the outfield grass doing tribal dances that their ancestors had taught them. It was an interesting display yet one that seemed out of place at a baseball game. They did have Native American Little League teams that were recognized in a pre-game ceremony so I guess it ties in to baseball. The national anthem was sung by a choir of Native American children. The song was first done in the Pima language then English. I have to admit, at least this game was turning into an educational experience.

Once the game started, you soon forgot about the pre-game ceremonies and settled down to see whether the Diamondbacks could sweep the Brewers. I should have known better with Claudio Vargas on the mound. I have nothing against Claudio, I am sure he is a great person. It is just that he does not instill a lot of confidence in the fans. He is someone who is either incredibly good or incredibly bad and you can usually tell within the first 2 innings which Vargas will show up. Today it was the latter and by the time he left the game in the fourth inning I was beginning to feel much like General George Custer. We were getting our heads handed to us. By the time the battle of little Chase Field concluded, it was the Brewers who were lighting up the victory pipe and the Diamondbacks were left to patch the holes in the teepee. The only good thing about it was that at least we got a blanket out of the deal.

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