The Darkness Continues

Fourteen days seems like an eternity. It was two weeks ago yesterday that the Diamondbacks left town. It has been two weeks since I was last at Chase Field and I am beginning to get homesick. While I have never served time, I can only guess that this is what it feels like to be incarcerated.

I’ve been downtown twice now in the last 14 days just so I would remember how to get there. I parked and walked to the gates at the front of the stadium. The green lattice panels were closed and unwelcoming. No security personnel waving me to open my seat cushion for them to look inside for prohibited items. No ticket takers welcoming me to the game and helping me get through the turnstiles. No ushers at the top of section 108 waiting to see if my streak of consecutive games will continue. No groundskeepers moving the batting cage or spraying the batter’s box on the newly raked home plate circle. I was greeted with nothing but silence.

The Diamondbacks have three more games before the All-Star break. They open a series in Denver against the now hot Colorado Rockies. In Colorado there are fans lining up with tickets in hand waiting to see a ball game. The smell of freshly cut grass and roasting hot dogs filled the air. The excitement builds until you reach your seat and nestle into the chair to enjoy nine innings of joy. Twenty-seven outs worth of memories to be shared with others in the stands.

Another seven days until baseball returns to Arizona. It feels like an eternity. This must be what it feels like to be dead (or a Cubs fan).

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