Tut, Tut, Looks Like Rain

The time of darkness continues as the Diamondbacks are still away. After painfully watching the three-game meltdown in Los Angeles, the team is now in Colorado for the final three games leading up to the all-star game. Colorado is tied for first place in the National League West so my confidence in the Diamondbacks doing anything is slim to none.

The game was scheduled to begin at six Arizona time so my plan was to get home from work, grill up a hot dog (at least I can pretend I am at the ballpark), and watch the game. I would have included a bag of peanuts in the night’s activities but I nearly got my head handed to me by my wife the last time I did that. It seems that shelling the peanuts and throwing the shells on the floor may be acceptable at Chase Field but not at home.

So the game was going good for the Diamondbacks as they jumped out to an early lead. This was half expected as Byung-Hyun Kim was pitching for the Rockies. He hasn’t been the same since giving up the 2 home runs in New York during the 2001 World Series. But the joy of having a lead quickly faded when Batista allowed the Rockies to tie the game on a hit by the pitcher. That’s like the ultimate sin to get beat by a hit by the pitcher. The Diamondbacks did get one run to lead then in the middle of Luis Gonzalez’ at bat it began to rain. This was not normal rain, it was Noah rain. I was waiting to see animals climbing to the upper deck in pairs. So with a 2-0 count everyone ran for cover and we found ourselves in a rain delay.

Trina and the kids seeing the words rain delay scroll across the television screen immediately grabbed the remote and I found myself with a partially eaten hot dog watching the Disney Channel. I have no idea who Zach or Cody are nor am I clear on why they have a suite life (their wording not mine). After a painful hour of that program I went back to the game.

Rain delay. Another remote struggle and I’m on the Nickelodeon channel and a Sponge Bob marathon. To me, 3 minutes are a Sponge Bob marathon so an hour of that was nearly more than I could stand. Finally it was over and I went back to the game.

Rain delay. This time Trina had the remote and we were whisked away to the USA network for a Monk premiere. I sat for an hour pretending to be interested in some whacky detective who is afraid of everything. I made a mental note to get pricing on another television with its own satellite receiver and the DirecTV sports package. Finally, it was over and I went back to the game.

Rain delay. Before anyone could grab the remote I took out the batteries so we had to stay on this channel. About that time the game was about to resume. For the next hour I watched as the bullpen held onto a one run lead in Colorado and the Diamondbacks ended up winning 4-3. The most interesting statistic from the game was that the game time was 2:34 and the rain delay was 2:39 meaning we stood around waiting for baseball for longer than the game lasted.

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