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When Baseball Doesn’t Matter

On Sunday August 27 Comair Flight 5191 was due to take off at Blue Grass airport in Lexington Kentucky. The flight was scheduled to go to Atlanta but never made it. The crash is still under investigation but initial reports state that the plane took an incorrect taxi route leaving it on the wrong runway and causing the plane to run out of space. The crash took the lives of 49 passengers and crew members. It was the worst plane disaster in the...

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Are You New?

The Diamondbacks ended their brief 6 game home stand today with an afternoon game against the San Diego Padres. The game was scheduled to being at 3:40 PM local Arizona time. There are not too many afternoon games in a season especially during the week so they are all kind of special. An afternoon game is not without its troubles. First there is the fact that you have to leave work early to get there. This wasn’t too bad today as I began...

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Golden Gloves

As part of the 2000 season the Arizona Diamondbacks introduced something they called the Golden Gloves. A Golden Glove is an elderly person dressed in a full Diamondbacks uniform whose responsibility it is to retrieve foul balls along the first base and third base line. Before I get a bunch of email complaining about my use of the word elderly let me explain that to me, if you are in your later sixties or older then to me you are elderly. In...

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MVP Rewards

Starting in 1999, the Arizona Diamondbacks began a fan loyalty program. Originally the Diamondbackers program would reward fans for game attendance. It was a great program. Every time you went to a game you would scan your membership card and points would be accumulated. Along the way you would win prizes for your attendance. For those who attended over a certain level (usually 70 games) there would be a special prize. The first year was an...

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The Screamer

Each team that comes into Chase Field is a different fan dynamic. Most of the opposing teams fans are pretty well behaved and good natured. The St. Louis Cardinals fans are always well informed and just enjoy a good clean game. The Cubs fans are diehards but they are so accustomed to losing that they are just glad when their team shows up for the game. The Mets fans are pretty obnoxious and opinionated and I’ve yet to go to a game when...

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Princesa Bobblehead Night

Each season before day of game tickets go on sale the Arizona Diamondbacks release the schedule of games. This is usually a time of great excitement as I scour the calendar to see which team will be coming to Chase Field. I also try to imagine how the season will be unfolding for each series. Will the Diamondbacks be battling for first place in the division? When this opponent comes to town will it be a potential play-off match-up? Which games...

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My Own Personal Chase Field Sleep Over

After what seems like forever, the Diamondbacks are back in town. The recent road trip was a nightmare as the Diamondbacks saw themselves dropping down the standings like a rock in a river. This home stand doesn’t look to make it any easier. Arizona continues its National League West portion of the schedule as the Los Angeles Dodgers come in for three games then the San Diego Padres come to down for three. Both teams are ahead of the...

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Hometown Heroes

Major League Baseball began a promotion last month where they are looking for hometown heroes for each franchise. They have identified five players from each franchise which they believe epitomize the best that team has offered in the history of each franchise. This of course has sparked huge amounts of controversy as fans around the country debate each of the players on the ballot. Some nominees make perfect since being on the list such as...

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In a New York Minute

It had been rumored for weeks that Shawn Green was on the trading block. His contract for 2007 is to pay him $7.5 million. There is an option that has a $2 million buy-out that would take effect for 2008. That contact made a trade seem unlikely as Green was beginning to show signs of decreasing skills. Shawn still played a serviceable right field and as has been the case for most of his career his hitting got hotter as the temperatures rose. In...

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