A Game of Clue

This series with the Colorado Rockies has been interesting to say the least. But even before this series started there were things going on that should be put into perspective. During a road trip in July just before the all star break the Diamondbacks visited the Rockies. In that series Jose Mesa entered the game in relief. Craig Counsell entered the box to face Mesa and was drilled with a fastball in the ribs. At the time no one thought much about it but shortly after the break Craig Counsell went down in pain. When examined by doctors they found he had a broken rib, the result of the beaning by Jose Mesa. During the first game of this series Mesa entered the game on Monday and again went head hunting this time Luis Gonzalez was his target and he too was hit in the upper body this one squarely in the back. Tensions rose and while walking to first Gonzalez decided he had enough of Mesa’s pitch selection so he detoured to go to the mound to discuss the situation. Just so his message was received he brought 24 of his friends with him. The Rockies too were interested in what Gonzo had to say so all 25 of their players met at the mound to listen to the wisdom of the Diamondbacks elderly statesman.

The altercation was nothing more than a few heated words and some gentle nudging. After the game Gonzalez expressed his frustration at being the target of Mesa’s disgust. He suggested that it was a minor incident and should not be blown out of proportion but in the back of everyone’s mind you had to wonder if this would escalate into something more. During the marathon of Tuesday’s game Mesa played a very minor part and with such a pitching duel he couldn’t very well hit someone. Last night’s game he again entered the game but this time was fairly well behaved and the Diamondbacks were saved from his erratic pitching much to the relief of the head trainer and his staff. Still you have to wonder how much longer this is going to go on before something is done. Mesa will probably tell you he was obligated to hit Gonzalez since Vargas had hit two batters of his own during Monday’s game. Well Mesa would tell you that if he would actually admit that he hit Luis on purpose which I highly doubt he would admit.

The Diamondbacks and Rockies are not the only ones going through this. The Texas Rangers have been playing the Los Angeles Angels and they too have had a few brush backs. In fact it had gotten a little more heated than that as several pitchers and coaches have been ejected due to the head hunting going on. That boiled over last night when Adam Kennedy was hit and charged the mound. That became an all-out brawl with punches being thrown. There will undoubtedly be suspensions levied and teams will play short handed for a few games.

I’m just waiting for the same thing to happen in Colorado. Tensions are getting high and with the heat and the number of innings being played tempers are bound to be short. It is only going to take one person being hit by a Diamondbacks pitcher to escalate this into something larger. The Rockies will bring Mesa into the game and he will try to even the score. At that point there is going to be a fight and it is going to be a good one. These two teams have played enough games with each other between spring training and the regular season that they know each other’s weaknesses and will take advantage where they can. I just hope that we play this smart and let the most expendable guy be the one throwing the punches. I vote we use Shawn Green. He’s rumored to be traded anyway so that would be perfect for us. We send him out as the designated goon and let him take on Mesa in some kind of caged grudge match. Best two out of three falls, winner takes the NL West. This could be bigger than Ultimate Fighting. And I can even see the headline for the paper, “Mister Green Did It in the Conservatory with a Bat”. I may have solved the mystery.

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