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The Diamondbacks ended their brief 6 game home stand today with an afternoon game against the San Diego Padres. The game was scheduled to being at 3:40 PM local Arizona time. There are not too many afternoon games in a season especially during the week so they are all kind of special. An afternoon game is not without its troubles. First there is the fact that you have to leave work early to get there. This wasn’t too bad today as I began work very early today so that I was finished before three o’clock. Second, you have to deal with traffic approaching rush hour. This too wasn’t too much of a hassle since I have mapped our route out to a science so I utilized my back street traffic patterns to get to the ballpark going the back way. Finally it is hard to find someone to go with me. Most of the kids are still in school when the game was ready to start. Dakota though was home for early release so he was the leading candidate.

We left as soon as he arrived home. He was pretty excited to go to a game. He had not yet been to a game during the San Diego series and was eager to meet the players. Tiffany had gone on Monday and Trina had gone last night. Neither of them had gotten a ball and Dakota insists that we try to get one from each series. We loaded the bags with treats and headed to the ballpark. We were late getting away and it looked as if we were going to make it to our seats just minutes before the game began. We were rushing to get from the parking lot to the ballpark. We had to stop to have our seat cushions checked by security as always and then we had to wait at the turnstile while some fan tried to figure out how to insert their ticket for entrance. As we walked through the door they were just beginning the national anthem. We quickly made our way to the top of section 108 and waited until the song had ended. We then began to make our way down to our seats. We had not even gotten to the top step of the section when the usher held out his hand stopping us. “I’m sorry sir I need to see your ticket to make sure you are in the right section.” Both Dakota and I stared at each other in disbelief. I began rummaging in the bag to find the game tickets. While I was looking for them Dakota looked up at the usher and said, “Are you new here? Don’t you know who we are?” I thought I was going to lose it. He was so serious and it immediately took the usher back. By that time I had found the tickets and showed them to him. He began to try and tell us where the seats were located but Dakota was already headed down the aisle. After 69 games we were both pretty sure we knew where the seats were at. We sat down just in time to see the Diamondbacks take the field. It was close but we made it just in time.

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