Funky Jo Messina

Well this has been a pretty interesting series to say the least. After a frustrating loss on Friday night that spoiled Livan’s debut, the Diamondbacks came back and won Saturday’s game scoring six runs in the fourth inning then holding on to win 6-3. Sunday’s game would be the rubber game of the series and given that the Dodgers and Padres are both playing well this was an important game. It’s also been a fun series with the Lucky Jersey Lanyard promotion. At first I thought that was just a one time promotion but the Diamondbacks continued it throughout the weekend. It ended up that I got 25 percent off coupon at the team shop, a hat, a Diamondbacks baseball, a sleeveless t-shirt, and a 40 percent off coupon (which I used for another personalized jersey so I had more than one twenty-first century shirt but don’t tell Trina). Today’s game was the final game of the home stand and for weeks the Diamondbacks had announced that after the game there would be a concert featuring Jo Dee Messina.

Granted, I do lead a somewhat sheltered life during baseball season. Trina and my kids continually remind me that if it doesn’t appear on the JumboTron or show up in a box score I probably don’t know what is happening. This Jo Dee Messina thing was definitely one such deal. I had no idea who she even was other than the 20 second spot shown during the game. My first experience with her was during the National Anthem at today’s game. She seemed ok although there were parts of her rendition that I had to wonder if they had changed the song and not told me about it. That’s pretty normal though so I chalked it up to artistic license. I also noted that the ballpark made Ms. Messina seem slightly heavier than what was shown on the JumboTron but I chalked that up to this week having dollar dog night at Wednesday’s game. I was honestly more interested in whether the Diamondbacks could pull out the game and if Enrique Gonzalez would have a better game on the mound or at the plate. By the way, the answer to those questions was that the Diamondbacks could not finish off the fish losing the series and Gonzalez hit better than he pitched.

As the game ended Dakota and I gathered all of our stuff and began to repack the seat cushions. I asked if he wanted to stay for the concert. After all, the Diamondbacks did just put in a new sound system so we should definitely be able to hear her sing. He agreed and we moved a little closer to home plate. The Chase Field grounds crew probably really hates this as the musicians drive what looks like a small parade float from the visitor’s bullpen onto the outfield and parks it just in front of second base. The kids really hate it because they cancel “kids run the bases” so that this lady can sing. I was going to give them the benefit of the doubt and listen to the music. Ten minutes after the end of the game everything was in place. Within five seconds Dakota and I were looking at each other completely confused. What the heck was that noise coming out of the speakers?

Growing up in Idaho, my parents thought the only music worth listening to was country music. To me it was kind of like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard accompanied by an electric guitar. My car once played that kind of music on the radio but I took it to the dealership and had it fixed. So here we were with 15,000 other fans attending a free concert hoping to hear some music that would help us to forget that the Diamondbacks had just dropped a game farther behind the division leading Dodgers and instead we were greeted by the sounds that frightened me so much as a child. Dakota must have felt the same way as he leaned over to me and said, “Dad we better get home I think mom is calling us.”

“No son that is not your mother that is country music.” I said.

“Oh it sounds like mom yelling.” He replied.

So we packed up the bags and headed home. Fortunately the car radio was not broken and we were able to listen to Flight 26 on XM radio to calm our nerves before we got home.

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