Letter from Home

With the Diamondbacks out of town, I was in the middle of my home stand. Today was one of those honey-do days where your wife meets you at the bedroom door with a sheet of paper that has a list of things to do and from the looks of the list it started about the same time as Opening Day in April. I was pretty sure that I didn’t have a choice so I took this punishment like any other prisoner who had just been sentenced to the chain gang. I grabbed my ball and chain and went to report to the warden.

When you get put in this prison there is little thought of escape. The Warden has guards posted at every corner. While I thought I had it in with the guards because I had taken them to the games, helped them with their homework, and saved them when the warden questioned their loyalty there was no way they were going to risk being sent to the big house themselves by letting their dad escape. So here I am trapped like a Pittsburgh Pirate in a long term contract. The sun beat down on me as I toiled on the chain gang. Looking at the calendar I had little hope of parole at least until Friday August 25 when the Diamondbacks would again be back in town and I would get released. When a prisoner has been sentenced to a term like I have then the only thing they look forward to is mail call when they might get a letter from someone.

The trustees at the institution delivered the mail like they always do. There were letters passed out to the inmates and with each one I resigned myself to again being forgotten by those in the outside world. But with the last piece of mail my name was called. Probably just one of the countless junk mail pieces that goes unclaimed each day. Nonetheless, it was mail and that was the most important thing. I took the letter and made my way back to my cell. There in the quiet solitude I studied the envelope. My heart jumped a beat as I realized the letter was addressed to me and it was from home! My family had not forgotten me.

I eagerly tore open the flap and gently removed its contents. The subtle pinstripes of the stationary were unmistakable. I unfolded the letter and straightened the paper. I scanned the letter; there in the title was the returned address from the Arizona Diamondbacks. I read through it as it stated that while the season was starting to wind down there was still hope. Based upon the standings they were sending this letter to notify me that the Diamondbacks would be offering post-season ticket packages that would include games from a potential tie-breaker for the wild card all the way through the World Series. This meant one thing; I needed to be careful and stay out of trouble for the rest of my stay in prison if I hoped to be released for good behavior so that I could go home in October.


  1. How come you didn’t mention endless number of packages you received during this stay?

  2. AZJazzyJ

    Yeah I had to spend some time in solitary confinement over that particular event. There are nights when I am pretty grateful that Trina bought a new couch last spring.

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