When Away Means Home

The Arizona Diamondbacks begin a ten game road trip today with a four game series against their National League Western Division rival the Colorado Rockies. This will be followed by three games in San Diego against the Padres then will end with three games at AT&T Park in San Francisco where they play the Giants. This trip will go a long ways towards determining whether the Diamondbacks will remain in the play-off hunt. For the rest of the season the Diamondbacks play only 13 games against opponents not in the National League West. Of those thirteen six are against the Washington Nationals, three are in Miami against the Florida Marlins and four are against the slumping St. Louis Cardinals. All of these non-divisional games occur in September meaning that the Diamondbacks will be able to define their own destiny through the rest of August. It’s going to be a long two weeks with the Diamondbacks out of town.

Whenever anyone calls the house during baseball season, Trina and the kids explain my absence as when the Diamondbacks are home then Jeff is away. If the Diamondbacks are away then Jeff is at home. So I guess that means that I begin a ten game home stand starting today. Looking over my schedule I will start with a three day series with the computer where I’ll upgrade hardware components so that I can work a little faster. That will be followed by a brief two day series where I will be playing back-to-school parent. This series could have some fireworks since Dakota’s teacher is a self-proclaimed Boston Red Sox fan. Tempers may be short and could result in ejection and/or suspensions coming down from the league office (namely Commissioner Trina). After that there is a weekend series featuring promotions such as “take out the garbage day” and the ever popular “mow the lawn” marathon. That last one is especially interesting since I am allergic to grass so I end up looking like some kind of bobblehead blowing my nose. The two weekend contests are both day games. Next week there is a husband wife series where all husbands in attendance get a free to-do list by their wife. One night is “Mom’s Night Out” which is also “Kids eat at McDonalds for dinner” night if I remember right. Like the Diamondbacks, these games too will do a lot to determine whether Jeff goes to the play-offs. If he happens to blow the to-do list series he may not only miss the play-offs but he could also find himself not only in the basement of the division but in the commissioner’s dog house and there is no player’s association to even file a grievance on his behalf. One final thing I need to keep reminding myself, during these home stand games it is not appropriate to throw peanut shells on the floor of the stadium and wave is not appropriate while at the dinner table.

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