As I had discussed in an earlier blog entry titled “How Could They Do This?”, the Arizona Diamondbacks have made the decision to change their color scheme from purple, turquoise, and copper to a new color scheme of Sedona red, black, and sand.

This has been a real sore spot with me as I really like the purple and turquoise. It also meant that I would have to go on a major spending spree to replenish my wardrobe when the new merchandise is made available. This has of course led to a major discussion in our house as I began inventorying all of the items that will need to be changed or bought.

Trina is even less thrilled than I am especially since I played the “I have not gotten a new jersey this century” three times this season and she just knows that I will have to get a new jersey (or four). So our household definitely falls in the not-in-favor camp for this decision. But I promised to keep an open mind until I actually saw the changes.

The Diamondbacks have scheduled an event on November 11, 2006 to unveil their new logo and uniforms so we’ll have to wait and see. With the advent of the Internet, that wait just got a lot shorter.

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