Afternoon Delight

After the first two years where the Diamondbacks changed the game start times from 7:05 PM to 6:40 PM depending on the month, they had finally settled on all week-day games starting at 6:40 PM. This worked and made the games much more family friendly since you could go to a game and still get home at a decent time to put the kids to bed. The other nicety about the standard start time is that you always know when the game is. If a game starts at 6:40 PM then the gates at Chase Field open at 4:40 PM meaning I need to leave the house at 4:00 PM to get there on time. This helps as I know which freeways and roads I should avoid right before rush hour to downtown Phoenix. So when a game doesn’t follow the standard timeline, it really throws a monkey wrench into things.

Today’s game with the Washington Nationals has a 3:40 PM start time and gates open at 1:40 PM so I would need to leave at 1:00 PM to get there when the gates open. On a school day that means going to the elementary school and making up some story so that Dakota is excused from class. It’s getting hard to come up with excuses that the attendance lady will buy. I think she is starting to get suspicious when most of Dakota’s relatives get sick or die only on game days. She is also starting to question why he has to be at the funeral as soon as the gates open and why we are both always dressed in Diamondbacks jerseys. So lucky for us this is the last time this season that we have a “family emergency”.

I struggled a little with taking Dakota to the game since we’ve lost the last 5 games against the Nationals all of them after leading for seven innings. I mean a kid can only handle so much heartbreak before he will turn into a Cubs fan. Dakota insisted that he go so I figured it was on his head. Livan Hernandez faced his former team and pitched like the player the Diamondbacks expected when they made the trade to get him. He blanked the Nationals for most of the game until the infamous eighth inning when the Nationals began their comeback like they have ever other game this year against the Diamondbacks. It was frightening and everyone was at the edge of their seats wondering whether they were about to see yet another melt down. Hernandez was able to stop the bleeding and lead the team to victory making the Diamondbacks record 1-5 versus Washington this season. The game ended about the time that most normal Diamondbacks games begin. It felt strange to be going against traffic and away from Chase Field. I felt like a salmon swimming upstream to spawn and die. I need to make a note not to get near Trina tonight especially if we are having fish for dinner.

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