How Could They Do This?

I was just getting ready to leave work yesterday when I got a frantic call from Andre. “Have you been listening to the radio?” Well I had been locked in a cubicle for the past 9 hours and I am pretty sure my cube has some sort of force field around it that destroys all radio frequencies since I can barely get my cell phone to work let alone a radio. I told Andre I had not so he began to let me know that there was late breaking news about the Arizona Diamondbacks. Since it was September 1, I figured it would be that the rosters had expanded and some of the players from Tucson were now with the Major League club. Either that or maybe they had pushed Brandon Webb’s start a day to allow him more time in Kentucky. But no, that was not the news being announced. He suggested that I sit down and go to the KTAR web site to find this story.

I didn’t follow Andre’s instructions and forgot about the part where he said to sit down. I started reading and nearly fell to the floor. The Diamondbacks are going to change their logo and their team colors? Why in the world would they do that? The A logo is one of the coolest logos in all of Major League Baseball. It has a southwestern feel to it and with the snake in the center it is perfect. I read further as they explained that the team was going to eliminate purple as the primary color and replace it with red. Are you kidding me? Have they not been watching Project Runway on the Bravo channel? Purple is the new in color. Even the television stars at the Emmys know that. How else could you explain all of the women in purple dresses at the awards ceremony this week? And red, who wears red? I’ve seen the statistics on the number of speeding tickets that are issued to red cars and it’s not pretty. I think back to the Houston Astros a few years back who went from their orange to a brick red. That didn’t do much to help them win a championship so I’m not quite sure this change is warranted. This kind of news is not something you take lightly. The happy thoughts I had of going home and enjoying a three day weekend watching the Diamondbacks beat up on the Washington Nationals was now replaced with the realization that the boys in purple soon will be the gang in read. This is not good.

When I got home, I announced the news to the family. Tiffany really tipped over. How could they get rid of purple. Didn’t they watch Project Runway on the Bravo channel? I totally understood her arguments. I went up stairs to change clothes and that is when the realization started to hit me. This is going to really have an impact on me. I am going to have to replace six jerseys (three of which I just got). I’ll need to replace 10 polo shirts that have the old logo are purple or both. I also have 15 T-shirts that will need to be replaced too. Then as I went to pick up a hat it hit me that I will need to replace 45 baseball hats with the new color and logo. Then there are the two seat cushions that we take to the ballgame. We can’t be sitting on purple and teal seat cushions, Trina will need to build new cushions that are Sedona red and tan. And let’s not forget the license plate covers on the cars, the throw blanket on the couch in the family room, the cooler that we take camping, the screen savers for the computers, the flag I have hanging on the front of our house, and my pajamas. Trina also reminded me that both her jacket and my jacket are the purple coats they wear in the bullpen. As I was posting this entry I realized I’ll have to change the color scheme of my web sites too. My entire life is going to be affected. If they are going to change the logo, it will also impact my seats at the ballgame and at home since they have the A logo welded into them. This means each row of seats at Chase Field will need to be removed and the ends replaced with ones having the new logo. I have to of those seats at home so I’ll need to see about having them replaced too. This is going to be a busy off season for me. The good news is that at least everyone now has Christmas gift ideas for me.

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