I Wish I Were Color Blind

As I had discussed in an earlier blog entry titled “How Could They Do This?”, the Arizona Diamondbacks have made the decision to change their color scheme from purple, turquoise, and copper to a new color scheme of Sedona red, black, and sand.

This has been a real sore spot with me as I really like the purple and turquoise. It also meant that I would have to go on a major spending spree to replenish my wardrobe when the new merchandise is made available. This has of course led to a major discussion in our house as I began inventorying all of the items that will need to be changed or bought.

Trina is even less thrilled than I am especially since I played the “I have not gotten a new jersey this century” three times this season and she just knows that I will have to get a new jersey (or four). So our household definitely falls in the not-in-favor camp for this decision. But I promised to keep an open mind until I actually saw the changes.

The Diamondbacks have scheduled an event on November 11, 2006 to unveil their new logo and uniforms so we’ll have to wait and see. With the advent of the Internet, that wait just got a lot shorter.

The Internet has become such a great way to receive information instantaneously that it should have been expected that word of the new color scheme and logos would leak out prior to the November event. Today on sportslogos.net someone found a copy of the Major League Baseball style guide which showed the new logos and colors for the Diamondbacks.

It has now been viewed by legions of fans and curious bystanders as everyone wanted to see the changes. I obviously made a beeline to the site to check it out for myself. My heart sank as I saw my beloved purple and turquoise “A” logo transformed into red and black. It was like seeing a blood bath.

The famous “D” logo which has adorned batting helmets and road hats is now updated with more curves making it more snake-like. There is a new shirt sleeve logo which is a lower case “d” and “b” which form a snake head. This is one of the better elements but the space between the “d” and “b” needs to be reduced or eliminated to make it work.

Overall I was very depressed to see the hats moving from purple to Sedona red which looks a little pinkish to me. I’m not happy that the word “D’backs” will be strung across the white home uniform. It would have been better to have sand as the primary color and “Arizona” across the front in my opinion. It seems pretty clear that the “A” logo is going to be phased out eventually in favor of the new “D” and the snake head.

I was worried that the new color scheme would make the Diamondbacks look like the Houston Astros but seeing the two colors next to each other, the Houston brick red is more orange and the Diamondbacks Sedona red is pinker. If there were ever a day where I wished I were color blind, this would be it. I somehow can’t see myself wearing a pinkish red hat with a curvy snake on the front.

Maybe this will be like when Coca-Cola tried that new Coke thing and the public was so freaked out that they came out with Coke Classic. I’ll be standing in line for Diamondbacks Classic with the traditional purple, turquoise and copper. If nothing else it gives us something to look forward to, throwback jersey day.

It could be worse I guess, they could be coming out with jerseys that matched those old 1980’s Houston Astros with the horizontal banded stripes and the neon orange hat. Yeah, being color blind definitely would have its advantages.



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