Uglier Than Dating Your Sister

After the first three games of this four game series with the St. Louis Cardinals the Diamondbacks had taken 2 of 3 losing only the first game of the series. After a masterful game last night by Brandon Webb the Diamondbacks would send Enrique Gonzalez to the mound to face Jeff Suppan. Worst case scenario the Diamondbacks would escape with a split. While that won’t help Arizona’s play-off aspirations it would be respectable. It would be interesting to see how Gonzalez would react after his last start where he was on the losing end of a no-hitter. It would also be interesting to see how St. Louis would react a day after being shut-out and getting only 1 hit themselves.

Enrique Gonzalez has a tendency to put his team in a hole early in the game so when the Cardinals scored a run in the top of the first you just kind of expected things to go downhill from there. Things seemed amiss with that plan though when the Diamondbacks scored 4 runs in the third inning. It wasn’t so amazing that the Diamondbacks scored 4 times it was how they scored. It was like the Cardinals were planning to do everything they could to try and not win the game. Scott Rolen committed 2 errors on the same play allowing runs to score and prolonging the inning. Jose Vizcaino added an error of his own bring the total to 3 for the game. Arizona did not want to be outdone and allowed the Cardinals go come back from a 3 run deficient to score twice in the fourth inning, twice in the fifth inning and twice in the sixth inning. Suddenly the Diamondbacks had gone from having a 3-run lead to being at a 3-run deficit. It looked as though the series would end in a split but in the seventh inning it was the Cardinals turn to give up the lead allowing Arizona to climb back into the game and tie it. The way this game was being played with both teams committing multiple errors in the field you just expected that the Diamondbacks would allow St. Louis to score and ultimately win. Instead, the Cardinals blinked first in the eighth inning when Jorge Sosa entered the game and faced Tony Clark. In his career Clark was 4-7 against Sosa and quickly made it 5-8 with a home run into the pool area. Eric Byrnes followed that with a home run to left field giving the Diamondbacks a 2 run lead. Jose Valverde entered the game in the ninth and allowed the tying run to reach base before retiring the side to give the Diamondbacks a 9-7 victory. It was one of the ugliest games I had ever seen but the victory helped eliminate the nasty taste that lingered after the final out. For the season the Diamondbacks beat the Cardinals 4 times while the Cardinals came out on top 3. I’m sure this series didn’t help the Cardinals confidence heading to the play-offs. I know for me it made me think that whichever team survives the NL play-offs they are facing an uphill battle to even win a game against the American League in the World Series.

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