What is Up with This Music?

Today marked the final game of the series with Colorado Rockies and the last game of this home stand. I am really struggling with the thoughts that there are only four more home games this season. The game today was “family day” and kids 15 years and younger received a coupon for a Tony Clark mini-bat. I still get a little frustrated that the promotions exclude loyal fans such as me from receiving the giveaway. I mean a mini-bat would be awesome and probably much safer in my hands than it would be if you gave it to a four year old child. Of course Trina may argue that point after the Precious Moments Massacre of 2004 where five of her figurines decapitated during a Nerf war in the living room that broke out during the all-star break that season. I don’t think I can be held completely responsible. Granted I was the one who hit said figurines but it wasn’t the Nerf dart that caused them to lose their heads, it was when those little porcelain kids started jumping off the shelves onto the tile floor. And I did try to fix them. It was just unfortunate that their little heads were super glued on backwards. She really should have appreciated it when I suggested that she now owned the only limited edition Precious Moments figures that paid tribute to that girl on the Exorcist movie. But I really digress here as we were talking about mini-bats and today’s game.

Besides the mini-bat conspiracy this game also featured another in the KNIX summer concert series. This is the third concert that has come to the stadium. First we endured Jo Dee Messina who I had never heard of and whose music I couldn’t even comprehend. Then there was the SHeDaisy fiasco where we not only had to deal with 10,000 stitching and knitting fans but also a trio of country music singers whom you could not understand. Today I think marks the final of the concerts and this one featured Lonestar. I thought that was a kind of beer, I never knew it was also a band. They sang the national anthem before the game like all of these acts do. The first couple of lines of the song I thought, hey I can deal with this then the Diamondbacks realized that the microphone was turned off. Once sound was restored I changed my mind, this was another one of those times when you just wish you were deaf. The game was horrendous as Miguel Batista and Conor Jackson combined to commit more errors than we would get runs leading the team to a 6-1 loss. After the conclusion of the game they began to prepare for the concert. The band were all on the back of a flat-bed truck that entered the field from the right field bullpen which is right next to us. The flat-bed was slightly longer than the others or else the driver hated country music as much as I do. Whatever is the case they ran the truck into the side of the bullpen causing rednecks to be thrown in various directions. It was about the funniest thing I saw during the whole game. They were able to dislodge the band truck and pull it out to the mound and the concert started a few minutes late. I sat through nearly a whole song before finally decided I had suffered enough watching three errors, I didn’t need to compound that with a country-induced headache. Aren’t there some old rock bands at these county fairs that would be willing to come and play instead of just these cowboy bands?

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