Wow She Must Really Love Me

Last weekend we received word of an emergency which required our attention. My wife Trina and daughter Mallorie immediately got in the car to travel to be with family. Due to scheduling conflicts, I was forced to stay at home with the younger kids. Although the family was separated we remained in contact with each other via cell phone. Over the next few days things subsided and returned back to normal giving Trina and Mallorie an opportunity to spend a few days together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life at our house. Last evening Trina called to see how things were going and to make sure I had not somehow killed the children by starving them. She seems to believe that I am only capable of feeding the kids ballpark food and since the Diamondbacks are not back in town until Thursday she was worried that they were going hungry. I attempted to explain to her that perhaps what the Diamondbacks needed was for us to fast and pray for better starting pitching and timely hitting but she wasn’t buying into that theory and insisted that I get the kids something to eat besides a bag of peanuts and a bottle of water. She also seemed adamant about making sure that I realized that people did not come in after the game and sweep up peanut shells at home like they did at the ballpark. I was pretty sure I knew that when the shells were still sitting next to my chair from Saturday’s game.

While we talked on the phone, Trina could sense something was on my mind and asked if I wanted to talk about it. I said it was ok and not to worry but she insisted. She said she thought the family emergency was weighing on my mind and maybe I should just talk through it. I agreed that it probably wasn’t healthy for me to keep my emotions bottled up so I opened up bearing my soul of things that were troubling me. This whole Sedona Red thing was really bugging me and seeing the new logos didn’t do much to make me feel any better. To top it off I have been looking for a Classic purple Diamondbacks hat and no one in Phoenix has one as they are not reordering due to the upcoming announcement of new colors. This has left me without an authentic purple hat that doesn’t have an Opening Day, American Flag, World Series, or All-Star game logo attached to the side. That’s just not right. I pleaded with her to please go to a mall where she was at and see if anyone had an authentic purple Diamondbacks hat. I am not sure whether it was the desperation in my voice or the fact that she knew I would continue to call her about the hat thing unless she went and looked but she agreed that before she left to come home she would go and look.

This morning I knew she was planning to leave early so I called and said maybe it might be better for her to get some rest before the long trip and besides that I did some checking and the sporting goods stores do not open until 10 AM at the earliest. Frustrated she agreed and again promised to go and look for a hat. At 10:15 local time I got a call from Trina. She was at the sporting goods store and they did have purple Diamondbacks hats. I made her describe them in detail including the manufacturer name in the band and whether they were fitted or not. She took all of my questions and asked the salesman and relayed the answers back to me. Once it was agreed that this was indeed the hat I was looking for the all important question came up, “do you have a size 7¼?” This was critical as without an affirmative answer here it would mean yet another trip to another store and we would start over. The salesman went through all of his hats and found that he did indeed have that size in stock. I suggested to Trina that she shape her hands to the size of my head and have the salesman put the hat on her hands to see if it would fit. Initially she refused but after I insisted she relented. It appears that it would fit and she went to the cashier to buy it. We were still talking on the phone and I thought of something. “Ask the salesman if you get a discount because the Diamondbacks are changing colors and this is going to be the old style.” She asked him if he was even aware that the Diamondbacks were changing their logo and colors and he said that he knew they were but didn’t know what it would be. He did say he could give her a 5 percent discount on the price of the hat. This is awesome! I found a hat, it appears to fit my wife’s hands and I got a discount! Life doesn’t get much better than that.

I started doing the happy dance around the living room at my good fortune singing “we are the champions”. Trina was forced to listen to this while trying to muffle the sound on her end so the cashier didn’t think she was married to a madman. In the end I thanked Trina and suggested that maybe she should give the sales guy a kiss (which she declined). After the transaction she said they were getting ready to make the trip home. She said she couldn’t wait to get home and I agreed I can’t wait for her to get home either. I have to see if that hat fits before Thursday’s game.

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