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Trick or Treat

Today’s entry is the fourth in the continuation of describing the saga of the 2001 World Series run of the Arizona Diamondbacks. It started with the Five Short Years Ago entry posted on October 26, 2006. It was a heartbreaking loss but not completely unexpected. The Diamondbacks had outplayed the Yankees but the breaks just did not go their way. Diamondbacks manager Bob Brenly decided to gamble a little and shuffle his pitching staff...

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Welcome to the House of Ruth

This will be the third entry is a continuation of the saga of the 2001 World Series run of the Arizona Diamondbacks that started with the Five Short Years Ago entry. After a travel day the World Series would resume in New York. In their day off, several of the Arizona Diamondbacks players would make a trip to ground zero to see the devastation from the September 11 attacks. It was a somber experience that would impact their lives for ever. Even...

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And the Land Was Filled With Darkness

The landscape was vast and visibility stretched for miles in all directions. I stood and looked in all directions trying to get my bearings to try and figure out exactly where I was. I looked to the sky hoping to find a constellation that would help me at least determine which direction was north. But the sky was completely dark, the type of dark that seems to envelope your very soul. I looked left and right hoping to find some sort of landmark...

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Game 2 Memories

Today’s entry is a continuation of the saga of the 2001 World Series run of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Yesterday I described game 1 of the World Series and what it was like being there. What I failed to mention was some of the strange events that just sort of seem to follow me throughout my life that were magnified during this championship run. As a loyal fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks I had not missed a home game since the team came into...

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Five Short Years Ago

I’m currently in the process of reviewing content on my NowHitting web site as I prepare to upgrade the look and feel for the 2007 season. Before blogs became such a buzz technology, I had an online journal on NowHitting where I talked about baseball called Diary of a Diehard (what a coincidence). My plan is to migrate all of those entries into archive entries here and I should be finished with that effort by early next week. While...

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The Rain of Error

It has been a strange and unusual World Series this year. From the very beginning of the post season with the heavily favored New York Yankees being taken down by the Detroit Tigers to the end of the National League Championship series that saw the heavily favored New York Mets eliminated. Of course whenever New York or Boston is eliminated from the post season there is an immediate drop in interest and television ratings. This has been the...

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Twenty Years Ago

October 25, 1986 was a day that few baseball fans can forget, especially if you were a Boston Red Sox fan. The scene was set, The National League Champion New York Mets who had won 108 games that season were facing the American League Champion Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox of course were in the midst of a 68 year drought last winning the World Series in 1918; the year before they sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees. The Red Sox were leading...

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It’s Not Labor Day Is It?

In yet another sign that the apocalypse is upon us, Major League Baseball is announcing that a new labor agreement has completed and will now go to players and owners for ratification. This marks the first time in the history of baseball that the two sides have completed a labor agreement before the current agreement expires. When I first heard the breaking news that a deal had been reached, I immediately ran out of my office and into the...

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Minor League Merry-Go-Round

While the baseball regular season is over and the post season is nearly over, there are still lots of baseball decisions that must be made to be ready for the next season. Many fans think that once a team is eliminated from post season contention that the franchise goes into some sort of hibernation until pitchers and catchers report to spring training in mid-February. That is far from the truth as each team prepares every day to make their...

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