It’s always tough when this day arrives each year. After spending 83 days at Chase Field watching at a minimum 747 innings of baseball, it is hard to say good bye. I always feel as though I am leaving home go to away to school. Sure you can come back for holidays or to have a home cooked meal (in this case that means Friday’s Front Row grill) but you ultimately have to go back to school and you just can’t wait for the year to be over so you can come home again. When you go to this many games each year you get attached to your seat location and you form a bond with the other fans that sit around you, and you know you are going to miss seeing them for six months. Well you will miss all of them except maybe the syringe guy who sat in front of you during the San Francisco Giants game. To forget him would require a lot of therapy. I started to think back on the 2006 season and all that we’ve seen at Chase Field. From catching the foul ball off the drunken guy’s face to watching Baxter the Bobcat toss a quarter of a sheet cake in the face of a Mets fan, this season has been amazing. Nothing in the first 82 games (counting the two spring training games in March) could have prepared me for the festivities of the day.

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