I sat on the couch blankly watching the local Fox affiliate which was playing some sort of infomercial about a miracle plastic tube filled with pasta that would cook the noodles if you added boiling water and sealed the container for 15 minutes. I kept looking back and forth from the television to the clock and back again. My remote finger was just itching to pull the trigger moving from channel to channel saving myself from the possibility that I might actually think this product was useful and reach for the phone to speak with one of the operators who were standing by in the next 90 seconds to save me money and offer me a free gift which seems to consist of some sort of rubber doily or something. I look back at the clock and it is a minute since the last time I looked and a full 45 minutes past when game 5 of the National League Championship series was supposed to start. You know what would be good while I wait? A bowl of pasta cooked slightly al dente. Wait I need to focus, what was I doing? Oh yeah baseball.

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