The thing about play-off baseball is that all kinds of celebrities and wanna be’s come out to be seen at the game. Earlier in the National League Championship series Fox showed Steven Tyler of Aerosmith in the stands. I don’t know Tyler so I can’t really say whether he is a diehard baseball fan and if he is that’s great but I have to say he didn’t look like the most comfortable guy in the stands. Maybe you get used to seeing someone in a certain light and environment and when you see them somewhere else you just can’t get your arms around it. Besides celebrities you also get former players and executives from other teams and the league who attend the games. Most of the time it is a “be seen” factor but sometimes they are there for a reason. At last night’s game commissioner Bud Selig was at the game and when you get the commissioner you obviously have to try and corner him and ask some questions. Most of the questions are ridiculous like whether the commissioner thinks Barry Bonds takes steroids or if he thinks baseball should recognize Barry if he breaks Hank Aaron’s all-time home run record. Seriously, do you really expect the commissioner to upstage the play-offs and give you a quote like, “I think Barry and his big old head needs to get out of the game before my head witch hunter George Mitchell buries him.” Granted that would be awesome if Selig would come out and say that but you probably should not expect it. So instead the interview consisted of asking the commissioner what he thought of the new Busch Stadium.

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