Game 2 Memories

Today’s entry is a continuation of the saga of the 2001 World Series run of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Yesterday I described game 1 of the World Series and what it was like being there. What I failed to mention was some of the strange events that just sort of seem to follow me throughout my life that were magnified during this championship run. As a loyal fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks I had not missed a home game since the team came into existence. Sure there was the close call when Trina’s grandmother died but I talked the family into waiting until after the game before we drove 15 hours to the funeral (a story left for another day). As part of that streak I had gotten an opportunity to meet several of the players and front office personnel. One person in particular was Diamondbacks president Rich Dozer. In 1999 as the Diamondbacks were approaching their first play-off appearance Rich asked if I would be willing to talk to a reporter to give him a fan’s perspective. I agreed and that led to Garin Groff of the East Valley Tribune coming to my house along with photographer N. Scott Trimble to hang out and watch the game. When the news article ran, we became very minor celebrities in our neighborhood. Little did I realize what impact that would have on my life in the 2001 season.

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