This will be the third entry is a continuation of the saga of the 2001 World Series run of the Arizona Diamondbacks that started with the Five Short Years Ago entry. After a travel day the World Series would resume in New York. In their day off, several of the Arizona Diamondbacks players would make a trip to ground zero to see the devastation from the September 11 attacks. It was a somber experience that would impact their lives for ever. Even five years later they speak of that visit and what it meant to them. The people of New York needed a diversion from tragedy they were still dealing with and the World Series would be the perfect thing. Security was already tight for this series but even more so for Game 3 when it was discovered that President George W. Bush would throw out the ceremonial first pitch. During the pre-game, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter met the president in the tunnels and offered a couple of tips. Stand on the pitcher’s rubber to throw. If you stand in front of the mound the fans will boo you. Second, don’t throw the pitch in the dirt or the fans will boo you. It was sound advice that the president obviously took to heart. He confidently stood on the mound and waved to the cheering fans then threw a perfect strike bringing more cheering from the fans. With that game 3 would begin with the Yankees looking for their first win after being dominated the first two games in Arizona.

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