And the Land Was Filled With Darkness

The landscape was vast and visibility stretched for miles in all directions. I stood and looked in all directions trying to get my bearings to try and figure out exactly where I was. I looked to the sky hoping to find a constellation that would help me at least determine which direction was north. But the sky was completely dark, the type of dark that seems to envelope your very soul. I looked left and right hoping to find some sort of landmark but the darkness from above was settling onto the ground like a dense fog reducing the visibility immediately from miles to mere inches. With the darkness closing in I suddenly felt very cold and quite alone. This loneliness began to seep into my very soul draining me of energy. I felt like the lone survivor of a devastating catastrophe and wondered how long this feeling would last until I was overcome myself.

I was diligently trying to cope with the pain and suffering I was feeling and I forced my mind to concentrate to see if I could determine where this pain and darkness was coming from. I needed light, any light to help me overcome this deep sense of dread that the darkness had brought. I reached into my pocket and found a match. I struck the match bringing it to life. The quick burst of light was quickly extinguished as the darkness siphoned the energy away from the match leaving me holding the burned out match. The darkness felt even closer now and my frustration grew to the point that I screamed in frustration.

Trina reached over and shook me bringing me out of the deep trance of sleep. She was worried as I had been struggling tossing and turning. “Are you ok? I think you were having a nightmare” she said.

“Yeah, I dreamt that baseball was over and there were no games until next March” I explained.

“That was not a nightmare dear, the World Series ended 2 days ago.”

“NNNNOOOO!!!” My worst fears are coming true.

“I think this is going to be a long winter” Trina said as she rolled over and went back to sleep.

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