Columbus Day Blues

It’s Monday, it’s a holiday and I have to work, and there is no baseball. In life this would be what I would call a strikeout. So while the League Championship Series wait to get started tomorrow, I am left to ponder what life may have been like without baseball when Columbus was around. But first, in order to fulfill the requirements to be listed as an educational resource I’ll provide my one historical fact. Columbus Day was initially designed to be a celebration of Italian American heritage and was first recognized in San Francisco in 1869. The first state celebration of Columbus Day was in Colorado in 1905. Today Columbus Day is celebrated in several countries. Canada isn’t one of them. Today in Canada it is Thanksgiving. I guess the Canadians were worried that there may be a shortage of turkey if they waited until November but that’s probably a theory best left unexplored in this entry. Here we wanted to talk about Columbus and I have a few thoughts and theories on that subject.

First I want to start by saying that I think it is messed up that we have holidays that litter the calendar that we don’t get credit for. I mean if someone goes to all of the trouble to add a holiday and have it printed on every insurance calendar ever given away I think the least we can do is celebrate it and take the day off from work. Otherwise the calendar guy just may start to wonder what’s the point and then he will question his job and feel like no one cares and before long he is leaving stuff like Christmas and Easter off the calendar and before you know it we have complete calendar anarchy.

Personally I like the idea of Columbus Day. I mean how often do we get to celebrate a guy hopping in a vehicle without a map, getting lost, and not stopping to ask for directions? This is the perfect guy holiday. Next time you are driving around in the car and your wife says you are lost and that you should stop and ask that guy on the corner for directions just remind her that if Columbus had his wife on the Santa Maria and took her advice we would all be living in the suburbs of Bangor India and the last time you checked they didn’t have a craft store in Bangor. Of course I am not completely on board with the whole Columbus thing. I still think that world being round theory is a little bogus. Speaking of that, if you ever have kids who need help developing a project for the science fair don’t suggest that they try to prove the world is flat. While it is a great exercise and has some fun experiments you end up having a lot of discussions with the teachers, principal, and you get branded as a nut. I think they just can’t deal with the thoughts of having to replace all of the textbooks because you proved your point but that’s just me.

I can totally see why Columbus wanted to leave Palos Spain. I mean August 1492 would have been during the dog days of summer and just about the time when a push for the baseball playoffs would get into full steam. Since there are no MLB franchises in Spain he would have had to rely on the newspaper to get box scores and see how the players on his fantasy team were doing. Anyone who has lived in a city that doesn’t have a baseball team will agree that the primary goal is to try and catch a game in person. Since Spain is probably closest to Miami I am guessing they thought a Marlins game would be the easiest one to catch. Sure they probably told their wives they were going to get some spices but we all know how that goes. The problem seems to be that they were looking at the wrong schedule so when they finally arrived, the Marlins weren’t in town. It’s just as well, with the fire sale that Lorrie has been doing and the firing of Joe Girardi even though the team outplayed expectations Chris and the boys would have been depressed.

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