I Can’t Control My Car

It usually begins the first part of March. The weather begins to get warmer and the days just a little bit longer. Spring flowers start to come out of hibernation and the grass begins to get green again. Heated seats and defrosters make way to vents and open sun roofs. Tires are checked and cars are washed all in preparation for what lies ahead. For most people, these preparations are a rite of spring and summer vacations. For me it means getting my car ready for the 8 trips it will make to the various Spring Training venues in Arizona followed by the 83 trips it will make to Chase Field for the final two spring training games and the 81 regular season games. You see the pre-season is not just for the players. Fans and cars need to get into shape too if they hope to handle the grind of a 6 month baseball schedule.

It is exactly 21.4 miles from my drive way to Chase Field and on most game days I can make that trip in approximately 19 minutes. It has been implied by my wife and my kids that I could actually make that drive while sleeping and though I have never tried it, I think the probability of me doing that is probably greater than 50 percent.

They say that if you repeat something seven times with in a short period of time that it becomes habit. They also say that the human species is a creature of habit and that we tend to gravitate towards a known state or condition. I never put much credence in this theory until today. After work Trina sent me off on an errand (something I seem to find myself doing a lot these first 5 days of the off-season). This errand took me on a familiar path from our house down Interstate 10 towards downtown Phoenix. While I was supposed to get off at the Broadway interchange, I was engulfed in trying to find out which of the 187 channels on XM radio was broadcasting the baseball play-offs. Before long I looked up and found that the car was turning onto Third Street in the shadow of Chase Field. Huh, maybe Trina and the kids were right and I can drive to Chase Field in my sleep. Well as long as I am down here I may as well check to see what is on sale at the Team Shop. I’d hate to think I just wasted gas getting here.

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