I’m in Charge of What?

Friday marked the official beginning of fall break for the kids. They would be out of school for an entire week returning to class on Monday October 16. During this brief vacation, Trina and the girls planned to leave town to “girls’ camp”. I have no idea what “girls’ camp” is and quite frankly I don’t what to know. I envision it having activities around hair, nails, and shopping tips though I am sure I am completely wrong about that. I’m pretty sure it is not real camping since I never remember packing a curling iron or dress shoes when I went to Boy Scout camp. I don’t remember taking an extra pair of pants or shorts but I’m sure my mother put some in my backpack when I wasn’t looking. Since the first round of the playoffs had started and I was obviously engulfed in an ESPN and Fox Sports induced sports coma I totally spaced off that it was camp time. Looking back I should have realized something was up with all the luggage in the living room but for all I knew that could have been there since Opening Day in April. So as I watched the Athletics and Twins; Trina kissed me on the cheek saying something about not forgetting that I was taking care of the boy and she left. Wait, what was that? Hello? Trina? Anyone?

Um, ok let’s not panic. I know she was here a second ago. About that time Dakota came in the house asking, “Dad, what’s for dinner?”

“I don’t know ask you mother.” Fathers love that saying.

“Dad she’s gone” he stated.

“Well I knew this day would come at some point. She just didn’t understand baseball. Just remember that I will love you no matter whether you are living with me or with mom.” I thought it would be best to try and comfort him during this time of loss.

“Dad, she went to girls’ camp. She will be back on Tuesday.” Dakota somehow could sense my fear and sadness at the loss by the Twins.

“Oh, yeah I knew that. I was just messing with you.” Great recovery if I do say so myself. This did leave me kind of stuck. I was pretty sure that Trina probably had a whole bunch of stuff she needed done and probably even expected me to do some of it while she was gone. Dang, I really wish someone would invent a TIVO that you could hook up to your wife so you could replay the parts you missed and fast forward through the complaining and nagging. Now that guy would make some serious money.

“Dad, are we going to eat?”

“Oh yeah, sorry” I need to make a note to Google ‘wife TIVO’ and see what comes up.

Not wanting to look like someone who didn’t have their act together I decided to do what comes most natural. We went to the grocery store and bought a package of 8 hot dogs, two twelve packs of soda, a big bag of peanuts, and some candy. I figure if it works for 83 home games, another 4 days of that diet won’t kill us. And if Trina complains that we didn’t eat healthy I’ll just say I was worried about the E. coli epidemic and I just didn’t feel safe with the whole vegetable thing. She will buy that won’t she?

So over the next few days we’ll watch the playoffs, eat hot dogs and peanuts and bond. I’m pretty sure this is more like camp than what the girls are experiencing and it will pay great dividends for Dakota since this is a life skill he will probably have to practice if he ever gets married and his wife is dumb enough to leave him in charge of the kids for 5 days.

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