LCS Predictions by Nostradamus

After a really long weekend where there was limited baseball due to the fact that everyone clinched their series early, it’s finally time to start the League Championship Series. This is of course what traditionalists and baseball purists call the “real play-offs”. They don’t believe in the wild card and there should only really be 2 teams per league in the play-offs. That’s the way it was in the times of Babe Ruth and what is good for the Great Bambino is good enough for us. So their thinking is that the east champion meets the west champion and the winners of these contests would face off in the World Series. That theory is flawed by the fact that until 1969 there were no east and west divisions, each league had a single champion so you went from the end of the regular season immediately to the World Series.

The change came about due to expansion. In 1969 four new teams were added. The Kansas City Royals and Seattle Pilots (who became the Milwaukee Brewers) joined the American League while the Montreal Expos and San Diego Padres joined the National League. This brought the total number of teams to 24 meaning that each league now had 12 teams. With that many teams it became difficult and frustrating to only allow a single team to reach the post season. With 12 teams per league it also made travel more of a challenge hence the separation into east and western divisions. Not only that but by having more post season games meant greater fan draw and more importantly television and advertising revenue. So in 1969 the Baltimore Orioles beat the Minnesota Twins to win the American League pennant. The National League saw the New York Mets beat the Atlanta Braves. This was of course the year of the Miracle Mets who had come back against the Chicago Cubs to win the division in the final week of the season. Many Cubs fans will say it wasn’t so much the Mets winning as it was the Cubs executing one of the greatest choke moves in the history of sports.

So now in 2006 we have not only an Eastern Division and Western Division in each league but there is also a Central Division and of course the ever popular Wild Card team. This year has 3 teams who have not won a World Series championship since the Reagan era and one team who won their last championship during the Bush administration; the first George Bush not his son. There is of course a team from New York (I think there is some sort of law that states you have to have at least one team from New York in the play-offs each year or there is some kind of fine). We all expected that team to be the Yankees so everyone is pretty much in shock on that one.

I don’t usually go in for predictions as I like to leave that to the professionals like Nostradamus. For those of you unfamiliar with Nostradamus, he is much more than the guy you see on the front of the National Enquirer predicting the end of the world is here. He was a 16th century dude who could foresee the future by looking at some ashes and a puddle of water. I don’t know about you but I am impressed. If I tried to predict the future by looking at a glass of water and staring at the fireplace my wife would have me committed so give the guy some credit. I thought maybe I would do a little research and see if the old guy made any quatrains that discussed the play-offs. What I found was this:

All the friend who will have belonged to the party,

For the rude in letters put to death and plundered:

Property up for sale at fixed price the great one annihilated.

Never were the Roman people so wronged.

Ok, I am not sure but I think he is talking about the Florida Marlins fire sale which included the trade of Carlos Delgado to the Mets so I guess that means that he thinks that some season ticket holder named Roman is ticked that Jeffrey Loria sold the players and then fired Joe Girardi and has gotten rid of his Marlins jersey and is rooting for the Mets to win the National League pennant. I think “the great one annihilated” probably refers to the Yankees getting whooped by Detroit and that Steinbrenner is ticked and wanted to fire Joe Torre. Since the Yankees were beat by the Tigers, it looks like Nostradamus likes the Detroit Tigers and the New York Mets in the 2006 World Series. Hey, who are we to argue with a dead guy who played in the ash with a cup of water?

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