The Rain of Error

It has been a strange and unusual World Series this year. From the very beginning of the post season with the heavily favored New York Yankees being taken down by the Detroit Tigers to the end of the National League Championship series that saw the heavily favored New York Mets eliminated. Of course whenever New York or Boston is eliminated from the post season there is an immediate drop in interest and television ratings. This has been the case this season too as media outlets have already hinted that viewer interest is waning. In fact Dancing with the Stars actually outdrew the World Series in several markets. Of course these are not markets where I shop. I don’t want to run into anyone who thinks watching lackluster stars attempting to dance is an entertainment form. But then I don’t really get the whole reality television thing anyway but that is a story for another day. For now we’re talking the World Series.

While Nostradamus did predict that the series would be the Mets versus Detroit, it became pretty clear that the Cardinals were on a roll. Their pitching staff was coming together and it was the first time in a long time where they had their planned starters in the line-up at the same time. Even if I were so bold to proclaim that the Cardinals would be facing Detroit I could not have anticipated that it would be the Cardinals that would hold the upper hand. I truly thought that the lay-off of a week would help Detroit to get healthy and their pitching staff would completely overpower the Cardinal offense. What I didn’t expect though was the number of errors that would be committed by the Detroit Tigers and especially the pitching staff. It seems like every time Detroit looks to take an upper hand that the pitcher will throw the ball and momentum over the heads of a fielder. These guys can throw 100 pitches and look completely dominating yet dribble a ball to the mound and they can’t seem to find first base or third base. The Tigers are on pace to break the World Series error record which is probably not the record they were hoping to set. So with game 4 scheduled for today due to yet another rain delay that has plagued this post season; the Tigers are hoping to stop the rain and the errors and get back on a winning track. Otherwise they are going to find themselves in a very bad situation.

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