What’s Taking So Long?

At the beginning of August when the Arizona Diamondbacks were still having delusions of grandeur, I received a letter in the mail providing instructions on how to order post season tickets for when the Diamondbacks made the play-offs. The letter had pricing for my two season tickets for all play-off games and a deadline of when payment had to be received. At the time I was very excited and planned on buying the ticket package. But soon the Diamondbacks began falling away and by the time the deadline arrived Arizona was for the most part eliminated. I kept the letter and the invoice for my tickets just to remind me how close we were at one point in the season. Today I was going through papers on my desk and I came across that envelope and looked through it again. What I didn’t notice was that there was another piece of paper in the envelope as well.

I just assumed it was an advertisement with some special offer like joining the MVP Rewards Program or such. Curious I pulled out the paper to see what it said. It was a note with important dates for 2006 Post Season and the 2007 Season. How could I have missed this? I read through it to see what I had missed.

September 6 – Full payment due for post season tickets (last minute payments can be made via the Internet at diamondbacks.com by clicking on the link “Postseason Renewal”_

September 23 – Postseason tickets delivered

To Be Announced – Postseason single-game tickets go on sale

October 3 – Divisional Series begin

October 10 – League Championship Series begin

October 13 – Season ticket invoice and relocation forms for 2007 season tickets mailed

October 21 – World Series begins, American League city

November 1 – Payment and/or relocation forms due for 2007 season tickets

December 1 – Relocation process begins

January 3 – Notices for final payment on 2007 season tickets mailed

January 24 – Final payment due on 2007 season tickets

Wow there is a wealth of information contained on this single piece of paper. The one that caught my eye though was October 13 – Season ticket invoice and relocation forms for 2007 season tickets mailed. A quick glance at the calendar showed that October 13 was last Friday. Here it is October 20 and I have not seen anything from the Diamondbacks.

Now I am starting to get a little stressed. What if they forgot me? What if the form doesn’t get here on time? I have a list of 30 different scenarios for seating arrangements for next season so the last thing I need is to be shorted. Filling out those forms and scoping out the sight lines is not a trivial task. I’m not sure I am going to be able to sleep tonight knowing that my relocation package has been misplaced. I could see that happening if I had only gone to a handful of games but it’s me. You know the guy who was at every game except for the three when Trina made me go to Walt Disney World for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. They can’t be holding that against me can they? I did get replacement fans to fill my seats while I was gone. Oh man, this is not good at all. I am definitely camping down at the mail box tomorrow. The mail man seriously needs to help me find that relocation package. He needs to understand the gravity of this situation. Sure, it’s not life or death. It’s much more important than that.

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