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Counsell Retreads

Yesterday Major League Baseball announced that the Milwaukee Brewers had agreed to a contract with former Arizona Diamondback Craig Counsell. This marks the second trip to Milwaukee for Counsell. He was dealt from the Diamondbacks to the Brewers in the 2003 off-season as part of the ill-advised trade that brought Richie Sexon to the Diamondbacks for his 3 week vacation. Counsell is originally from the Milwaukee area having gone to high school...

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Seat Relocation D-Day

It was just two short weeks ago that I received “the envelope” from the Arizona Diamondbacks. Of course I am talking about the Season Ticket Renewal package. Since that time I have been consumed with thoughts of the 2007 season and more importantly where I am going to sit. There was the open house where I had the opportunity to check the vantage points and sight lines followed by the trip to Best Buy to have copies of the digital...

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Green Eggs On Ham Fighters

As expected, Diamondbacks infielder Andy Green requested a release from his contract so that he could sign a deal in Japan. The Arizona Diamondbacks have been working with the Nippon Ham Fighters to negotiate the rights for Green to sign a contact. While not finalized, it is a foregone conclusion that the deal will get done. Sources close to the negotiations have stated that Green will sign a 2 year contract with the Ham Fighters that will pay...

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Election Time is Upon Us

To a lot of people, talk of voting ended nearly 3 weeks ago with the mid-term elections held on November 7 but what they didn’t understand was that was just a precursor to the important vote. Today Major League Baseball announced that the Hall of Fame ballots were officially sent out to the baseball writers. This is an important day to a lot of players as they attempt to be selected to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New...

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Sedona Red Letter Day

It has been 56 days since the last home game for the Arizona Diamondbacks which is almost 2 months without baseball. The Diamondbacks are more than likely not going to be factors in the free agent market and other than the trade with the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday, they are probably not going to make many deals this off season. All of this adds up to a very long winter without much to get excited about. All that changed with the announcement...

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Another Brewer Bonanza

After the 2003 season the Arizona Diamondbacks were looking to rebuild by bringing in a middle of the order hitter. They went to the Milwaukee to attempt to trade for first baseman Richie Sexon. The Brewers were more than willing to deal given that Sexon would be a free agent at the end of 2004. The two teams agreed to a blockbuster deal involving 9 players. The Diamondbacks would receive Sexon, relief pitcher Shane Nance and a player to be...

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Black Friday, Red Dawn

The day after Thanksgiving has long been referred to as Black Friday as it marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. The term began as a way to mark the day where sales outdistanced costs meaning the merchant at least for the day was in the black. To me, Black Friday refers to the fact that the sky is still black when I get drug out of bed to go shopping with my wife. I don’t know if this is true or not but it feels like every...

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What I Am Thankful For

Thanksgiving has as many meanings as people who celebrate the holiday. As a child in elementary school Thanksgiving meant the traditional story of the pilgrims coming to the new world to establish a colony and the friendship they created with the native American Indians. As I grew older, Thanksgiving became a metaphor for leaving that which we know for an unknown destination. The pilgrims represented youth searching to find their own way. The...

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Roster Roulette

The Arizona Diamondbacks have become known for their strong farm system. They have accumulated many top-tier prospects that are reaching the point where their impact will be felt at the Major League level. This is great news for Diamondbacks fans as it means that the team will be competitive for many years while maintaining a small amount of fiscal constraint using younger players rather than more expensive free agents. There is of course a...

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