This is the fifth entry chronicling the 2001 World Series run of the Arizona Diamondbacks that started with the Five Short Years Ago entry posted on the fifth anniversary of game 1 of that World Series. In a strange scheduling event, two World Series games would be concluded on a single day. With game 4 going extra innings and ending after midnight and game 5 scheduled to start that evening the record books could show 2 games concluded on November 1. This is the first and only World Series ever to be played in November. The timeline was such due to the events of September 11, 2001 and the week delay of the regular season resuming. After handily winning the first two games in Arizona, the Diamondbacks watched the next two games slip from their fingertips. While game 3 could have gone either way, it was the dramatic ending to game 4 that had broken the hearts of Diamondbacks fans and given Yankee fans new life. Thursday November 1, 2001 was especially difficult for me. I endured no end to the pain as I had a steady stream of phone calls and visits to my office. Most of the people came by to talk about the game and ask my opinion on Bob Brenly leaving Kim in too long. Others stopped by to say they had seen me on television the night before and did Fox News really go trick-or-treating with my kids. Then there were a few Yankee fans who had to stop by and remind me that they had won 26 world championships and soon would add another. Finally there was my family who seemed to call almost hourly just to make sure I wasn’t suicidal or to ask me to pick up milk (which may make me suicidal if the lines at the grocery store cause me to miss any of game 5). No matter how badly I felt, I am sure it was nothing compared to what Byung-Hyun Kim felt today. Little did we realize that history has a cruel way of reminding us of past mistakes.

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