Since taking over as president of the Arizona Diamondbacks on October 1, Derrick Hall has attempted to institute an open communication channel with the fans. He has provided quotes and comments on the Diamondbacks web site and been available to answer questions whenever possible. This is in addition to his other duties so he has been quite busy. With Thom Brenneman leaving and the turnover associated with normal business operations of the club have made it even more impressive how open Mr. Hall has been in his short tenure. Today was yet another example of his new open communication policy. Coordinating with the Diamondbacks web site, he is holding a monthly chat where fans have an opportunity to ask questions they may have on the direction the Diamondbacks are going. It’s a great way for fans to be heard and for the Diamondbacks to get a feel for what may be important to those who attend the games. The chat was scheduled for mid-afternoon Phoenix time so I thought maybe I would stop by and see what was going on.

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