Some times you have to wonder where to draw the line. Well it’s not so much that I wonder where lines are drawn; I am usually the one erasing the existing line. It is Trina who normally wonders where the old line was at and why I thought it was a good idea to get rid of a perfectly good line. My life has been one that has a well defined precedence and pattern of being just slightly to the left of normal. It’s not that there is anything wrong with middle of the road kind of people, I just tend to be more interested in the strange things you find on the shoulder of the road. My passion for the Diamondbacks is a perfect example. I could have easily been one of those guys who found 5 or 6 friends and got together to purchase season tickets. We could have met and divvied up the tickets and each gone to 16 games a year. Spread over the course of a six month season that would be 2-3 games a month. Instead I chose the more obscure path and bought season tickets and attended every home game and then tried to talk my family into exotic vacation spots such as Wrigley Field or Joe Robbe Stadium just to get in a few extra games on the road. So when I began this blog I let my family help me come up with the title. They had no trouble settling on Diary of a Diehard as it seemed to best fit my personality. But exactly where should the line be drawn for team loyalty?

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