Rookie’s Day

I remember as a kid we would celebrate Mother’s Day the second Sunday in May and then we would celebrate Father’s Day the third Sunday in June. These were always big events where my brothers and I were expected to have gifts and show appreciation for everything that mom and dad did for us. This wasn’t hard as my parents did a lot for us. They both volunteered a lot of time with the Little League while we played and were always involved in our lives making sure we could play ball. But still, as every other kid with a calendar has noticed, there is no Kid’s day listed for any month. So I had to ask my mom why that was. She gave the patented answer that ever mother always give, “Every day is kid’s day.” Every kid I ever met was given that same answer when the question was asked. I am beginning to think that when a child is born the mother is given a book of answers to kids’ questions and this one is in chapter 1 right after “There are starving children in China that would love to have the food you are wasting.” The same question probably pertains to baseball rookies as well. We have a day where we recognize veterans so why isn’t there a Rookie’s Day?

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