Black Friday, Red Dawn

The day after Thanksgiving has long been referred to as Black Friday as it marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. The term began as a way to mark the day where sales outdistanced costs meaning the merchant at least for the day was in the black. To me, Black Friday refers to the fact that the sky is still black when I get drug out of bed to go shopping with my wife. I don’t know if this is true or not but it feels like every year it gets to be earlier. This year most of the stores where Trina wanted to go opened at 5 AM which meant that we would be leaving the house at 4:30 AM at the latest. I would prefer to still be in bed sleeping off the effects of that late night turkey sandwich but I know that is not an option. Trina’s theory is that if she has to endure 81 home games at Chase Field and being a single parent from April through September then I should be willing to get up early one day a year and go shopping. She never mentions the fact that we will be shopping with the equivalent of the entire annual attendance for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I’m still trying to understand what the big deal is. I happened to be perusing the D-backs shop on the web and I am pretty sure I can complete my shopping for the holidays there or at worst make a single trip to the Chase Field team shop. This year is especially easy since no one I know has Sedona Red gear. They all are still wearing purple and turquoise. So while the rest of the country may refer to this as Black Friday, I think of it more as a Sedona Red dawn. Granted I am a little nervous that my gifts may not be appreciated since I don’t know anyone who actually likes the red color scheme but I am hoping that like bread mold it will grow on you as time goes by.

Last night Trina asked each of our kids for their Christmas list so we at least had some ideas. I looked at the lists to see what I could buy online so I could get Diamondbacks MVP Rewards points. Unfortunately my kids did not take this into consideration so it looks like I won’t be earning points towards Diamondbacks fantasy camp. I did make a note to talk to the kids when they wake up about how their priorities are completely out of whack. Oddly enough, none of the kids had Diamondbacks gear on their gift lists. This was obviously just an oversight so I re-arranged their lists to add a hat as a minimum. I also figured I would get Trina something nice like a set of Diamondback earrings or possibly a jersey with her name on it. Yeah this is going to be a great Christmas I can see it already.

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