Chatting with the Prez

Since taking over as president of the Arizona Diamondbacks on October 1, Derrick Hall has attempted to institute an open communication channel with the fans. He has provided quotes and comments on the Diamondbacks web site and been available to answer questions whenever possible. This is in addition to his other duties so he has been quite busy. With Thom Brenneman leaving and the turnover associated with normal business operations of the club have made it even more impressive how open Mr. Hall has been in his short tenure. Today was yet another example of his new open communication policy. Coordinating with the Diamondbacks web site, he is holding a monthly chat where fans have an opportunity to ask questions they may have on the direction the Diamondbacks are going. It’s a great way for fans to be heard and for the Diamondbacks to get a feel for what may be important to those who attend the games. The chat was scheduled for mid-afternoon Phoenix time so I thought maybe I would stop by and see what was going on.

The chat format is kind of interesting. About 15 minutes before it was scheduled to start there was a notice asking for people to send questions. Well hey; they don’t have to tell me twice. I just started firing off all kinds of things I had been curious about like wireless connectivity at the ballpark, why we don’t get to see replays of close calls, whether the MVP Rewards program had provided the ability to better profile a fan, how many season ticket holders went to ever game (this was something Trina wanted to know since I think she is contemplating creating a support group for those spouses who are orphaned from April to October), and what we could expect as season ticket holders in 2007. In all, I had posted 10 questions even before the chat started. I think that they may reevaluate that submit question process after my experience.

When chat started, the first question someone asked was about the color change and the unveiling of the new uniforms. Derrick Hall stated that the uniforms would be modeled by some of the players at an invitation only event on November 8. Wait what was that? Did he say an invitation only event? I ran over to the counter and rummaged through my mail to see if I had received an invitation. No, there was nothing there but I did get a nice letter from Ed McMahon who said I may already be a winner of some sort of clearing house. I then went to the answering machine. Maybe the invitation was personal via phone. Again, nothing from the Diamondbacks but I did have about 30 messages from JD Hayworth and Harry Mitchell who seem to be fighting over who would be a worse Senator. This is totally messed up. First they are going away from purple and turquoise and now they forgot to include me in the guest list for the uniform change. According to Trina and the kids and I the number one consumer of Diamondbacks merchandise yet I am not included. Instead I will be one of the masses who will be lined up outside of the team shop on November 9 waiting to see for myself what the new look will be. Mr. Hall did say that some merchandise will be available on Thursday and another wave will appear just before spring training. Well that works for me. I can make a Christmas list for some items while the remainder can be included in a list for my birthday. Now if only I could get into that event on Wednesday my week would be complete.

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