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I’ll be the first to admit I am not up on the latest fashion. To me, the closest thing to hip would be wearing an Eric Byrnes dirty t-shirt from the game. I don’t read the fashion section of the newspaper. In fact, if the Diamondbacks unveiling of their new color scheme had not appeared in the sports page I may not even have heard about it until I went to the team shop. So with my complete lack of fashion sense it should not come as a surprise to hear that I own two pair of shoes. I have my sneakers that I wear pretty much full time and then I have a pair of dress shoes. If I thought Trina would let me get away with wearing my sneakers with dress pants when we go to church or out for a nice night on the town I would probably only have one pair. By the way, a nice night on the town is defined as going anywhere there is not a retractable roof and where dinner does not consist of an Italian sausage from the Hungry Hill stand near section 112 (this obviously is not my definition).

My sneakers could best be described as well broken-in. That is a polite way of saying that they are hanging on with the last ounce of shoe goo that I could squeeze out of the tube. Trina has begun to hide them in hopes that I will give up hope finding them and therefore will go and replace them. With shoes this worn, it is relatively easy to find them as they come with their own aroma therapy. Lately though I have begun to question whether it may be time for these veterans to retire and allow a pair of rookies to take over patrolling the pavement. I’ve therefore started looking at shoes to see if I can find any that may work and give me the mileage I’ve come to expect from a long-term relationship. I’ve long been a Nike man having begun wearing them when I used to run farther than from my seat to the peanut vendor. They seem to fit my foot style and give me the support I need for 162 games plus off days. I’m also a big iPod fan having had one of these devices since the first came on the market. I’ve gone through more iPods than I have shoes not because the iPod wears out but because I am basically a toy-collecting geek who always needs the latest and greatest. When I happened to wander to the Nike web site I was very interested in the Nike+ shoes which connect your footwear to your iPod. What could be better than having your iPod keep track of how far you travel over the course of a season? I could listen to music as I walk to Chase Field and then determine how many calories I have burned during a home stand. Who knows, I may even be able to set the shoes so that the laces untie ever time the roof opening musing from my Sounds of B.O.B. CD plays on my iPod. By this time my geeky side was extremely jazzed about the opportunities I could see for the marriage of sneakers and music players. But it didn’t stop there. Nike now offers a program called Nike ID where you can actually design your own shoes. You can select type of material and colors for various parts to make the perfect set of shoes. With a few clicks of the mouse and some handy-dandy flash animation you can come away with a pair of unique shoes. I started to walk through the various options grateful to see that purple was available (Sedona Red was no where to be found, kind of like my closet). I developed a set of purple, black, and white shoes and even had an opportunity to have Go Dbacks embroidered on the tongues of the shoes. All that is lacking is a pair of turquoise shoe laces and I could be a walking tribute to the Diamondbacks team shop. And to top it off the shoes have a pocket in the sole to put the Nike/Apple receiver to connect to an iPod Nano. Maybe it is time I replace these sneakers and get with the 21st century.


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