Open House, Literally

I have been eagerly awaiting today all week. After a horrendous five days of work I definitely was looking forward to the weekend. But this was not going to be just any weekend, this was the mother of all weekends this month. Oh sure, most people would say the weekend after Thanksgiving is filled with activities and the traditional opening weekend of Christmas shopping but that lacks the importance associated with this weekend. Yeah I bet you are thinking I was looking forward to today because it marked the ninth anniversary of the expansion draft where the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Arizona Diamondbacks finally filled out their roster with major league caliber players. Granted, that was a pretty cool day and I do have November 18 listed as Expansion Draft day on my calendar but that was not the reason for my excitement. No the reason I found it hard to sleep last night was that today is Chase Field open house day.

As part of the season ticket renewal process, the Arizona Diamondbacks had set aside today to allow fans an opportunity to go down to Chase Field and look at various seat locations to determine where they would like to sit for next season. Well any time I have a chance to go down and hang out at Chase Field you know I am going to take it. Dakota was as excited as I was and we quickly dressed and ate a Pop Tart so we could be down to the stadium as soon as it opened. Since the Team Shop would be open Trina felt obligated to go if for no other reason than to make sure that Dakota and I did not come home loaded with bags of Sedona red merchandise. She asked how long I thought it would take to look over the seats. I did some quick calculations in my head then divided that number by the wife interest factor and took the recprical of that number and blurted out, “Oh probably no more than 15 minutes.” Looking back now, I think perhaps this is the reason that math teachers demand that you show your work. I must have divided when I should have multiplied or there could be some type of rounding error because my calculations were slightly off.

We arrived down at Chase Field and those who were greeting us were dressed in new Sedona Red Diamondbacks gear. Dakota and I both wore our Diamondbacks Classics apparel. [that is my new designation for the traditional purple and turquoise. Much like when Coca-Cola came out with the “new” Coke I believe the consumers will be tragically beside themselves at the thoughts of giving up their purple and turquoise. For that reason the Diamondbacks will reintroduce their original color scheme with the new moniker of “Classic Diamondbacks” thereby appeasing all of their fans.] Trina chose a neutral outfit in case some sort of Diamondbacks color scheme gang fight erupted she could at least try to negotiate a peace accord or ceasefire. The young lady asked if we were at the stadium to preview new seat locations. Hey whatever gets me into the ballpark I am all for it. I once attended some sort of religious revival at Bank One Ballpark just so I could check on the status of the grass during the off season so if seat relocation would get me past the guard then by all means the answer was “Yes!” I must have appeared to be some sort of terrorist or something because the confiscated my picture ID to hold until I left the stadium. Since I didn’t plan on driving inside of Chase Field I figured I wasn’t going to use it anyway so they may as well hold it.

When we got inside the concourse it felt great. It was like when you go away to college but then you go home for the holidays. All that was lacking was the smell of turkey roasting or in the case of Chase Field the smell of Hungry Hill sausages grilling coupled with the aroma of onions and peppers. Man do I miss this place. We began to make our way down to the seats. I had my relocation packet with my along with a notebook and a camera. For each potential seat location I would sit down, check the sight lines, make copious notes, then take pictures so that I could compare those against the ones I had taken earlier in the year to try and help me make a decision of where we would sit. Dakota went directly to the seats he wanted, directly above the Diamondbacks dugout in row 8. Those are my first choice too but Trina said not quite so we’ll keep looking. We visited some 35 different seat locations taking pictures and notes. Trina at some point became the official time keeper as she kept reminding me that we had been there for two hours. Finally I had filled my notebook, gone through a set of batteries in my camera, and exhausted both my wife and son. It was time to leave and I felt somehow saddened to think that it may be another 4 months before I have an opportunity to come in and sit down to watch a game at Chase Field. This off season just keeps getting longer.

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