Rock the Vote

Ah Election Day, what a great American tradition. Adults throughout the country are showing their identification to complete strangers who will in turn hand them a piece of paper and direct them to a telephone booth sized space where they will enter closing the cute little curtain behind them then spend the next several minutes coloring the piece of paper before turning it in to be graded by a machine. I for one will be glad when Election Day is over as my phone will finally quit ringing. For the past two weeks I have received countless calls from every candidate or special interest group that has ever set foot in Arizona. As time has run down on the election the message frequency has increased as has the negative aspects of the content. This has especially been the case between candidates Harry Mitchell and JD Hayworth. Both of them call me multiple times per day to let me know how bad their opponent is. “Harry Mitchell hates babies, vote JD Hayworth!” or “JD Hayworth kicks puppies, vote Harry Mitchell!” It makes you want to take both of them by the ear and put them in a room together and make them hug each other until they say they are sorry. Sorry, I digressed to my childhood for a second there. Election Day is an important premise in our form of government and it is one that I take very seriously.

I have never missed an opportunity to vote since I was old enough to do so. I feel it is important that my choices be known otherwise democracy would fall apart and we would be no better off than those creatures without opposable thumbs. So when the ballots are available I make sure and cast my vote. I feel that I am a good judge of character and that my vote has gone a long way to shaping history. This year is a prime example. I felt as though Ryan Howard deserved a spot on the National League all-star team. He had a tremendous season and his showing in the home run derby was validation that his choice was not based upon a pretty face but rather by hard work and dedication to office. I am not always right on my vote though. I once voted for Barry Bonds to represent the National League and as we know his character ranked right up there with some of the worst politicians in history so none of us are infallible.

I am not one of those careless voters either. I look at each candidate’s position and their platform before I decide who should represent our league in the mid-summer classic. With home field advantage in the World Series at stake this is no time to use the vote as some kind of beauty contest. I am a little confused as to why Election Day occurs after the season is over but who am I to argue with the government? I just a little concerned that I had never heard of most of these guys on the ballot this time. I thought I knew most of the players in Major League Baseball but not these guys. I did find it interesting that the country like the Diamondbacks is experiencing a youth movement. How else can you explain all of the rookies listed on the ballot? That is what the “R” after their name represented isn’t it?

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