Seat Relocation D-Day

It was just two short weeks ago that I received “the envelope” from the Arizona Diamondbacks. Of course I am talking about the Season Ticket Renewal package. Since that time I have been consumed with thoughts of the 2007 season and more importantly where I am going to sit. There was the open house where I had the opportunity to check the vantage points and sight lines followed by the trip to Best Buy to have copies of the digital pictures made. For the next 11 days I had Excel Spreadsheets, Adobe Photoshop files, Mozilla FireFox Browser windows, and scorebooks laid out around the house to analyze things like vendor traffic patterns, number and frequency of foul balls, views of various parts of the field, and potential for future upgrade paths. All of these artifacts would form the basis of my decision and according to the timeline today was the day to make that decision final.

To a lot of people this may be a trivial decision but not to me. This is one of the most important days and decisions I will make all year. Its impact will be felt throughout 2007 and potentially beyond. If I should choose a different seat location, I will have to live with that for 81 regular season games and 2 Spring Training games. If the Diamondbacks have a successful year my decision will also have implications in the post season as well. The decision could then domino to future years as it may impact my choices for years to come. Trina keeps trying to remind me that this is not a life-or-death decision and I keep reminding here that I know. It is much more important than that. So my attention to detail will remain very high through the remainder of this transaction. I have narrowed it down to 20 options for seat relocation and I believe I now have them prioritized appropriately. I need to make one more run through the spreadsheet before printing it out.

My plan was to renew my season tickets online through As I went to the web site, I found that I could indeed renew but that I could not request seat relocation through the web. My choices for renewal with relocation were to fax the information to the Diamondbacks, deliver it in person to the Diamondbacks offices at Chase Field, or send the information via mail. Given those choices I decided I would be best served through the fax machine. I filled out the forms completely and faxed them to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Once I received notification that my transmission was successful I went to the web site and renewed my season tickets and sent an email to the Diamondbacks season ticket office letting them know that I had completed my end and would wait until the middle of December to hear back whether my relocation request had been granted. The process was much more manual than I had wanted and at times was painful but I believe I’m now all set and I can relax knowing that my season tickets have been renewed for another season. I’ve done my part, it is now up to Josh Byrnes to find more pitching and Derrick Hall to find creative ways to bring more fans to the stadium. If we all do our part, the Diamondbacks should have a successful season and we can all enjoy the upcoming 83 games at Chase Field, if not then there will be another year of being just a guy from section 108 row 14 seat 20. I guess I can live with that.

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