The Postal Blues

I’ve been pretty nervous all week. First there was the whole color thing then there is the fact that I still do not have my season ticket renewal and relocation package. I’ve written about the timeline before in What’s Taking So Long? when the Arizona Diamondbacks had stated that the renewal process would begin on October 13 which just so happened was a Friday. Personally I am just grateful that they changed their minds on that one. I am not sure how much success I would have had picking new seat locations on Friday the 13th. I would have ended up in the upper deck right behind Rally Sally and I would have been forced to push her and her flags over the edge and no good could come from that. According to the initial timeline, fans had until November 1 to complete their relocation package and mail it back to the Diamondbacks. When I had not gotten my relocation forms I called the Diamondbacks and I was told that there was a delay and that the forms would actually be mailed out on November 1. The day after Halloween seemed like a good day so I patiently waited.

Well it has been 10 days and I still haven’t gotten any forms and the due date for returning the forms is only 20 days away. I’m beginning to think maybe the Diamondbacks don’t want me to renew my tickets. I called the Diamondbacks season ticket office to see if perhaps they could resend the forms. The nice lady on the other end of the phone assured me that I had not been forgotten. In fact I got the impression that maybe a note had been placed in my file. I swear I didn’t used to be this paranoid. I was told that the forms were now scheduled to be mailed today. A quick look at the calendar made me realize that tomorrow is a postal holiday so there would be no mail delivery until Monday. I swear this just keeps getting worse. I looked at the calendar again just to make sure it was not the summer solstice because this seems like the longest day of the year. I think Trina and the kids are just as excited since they too want renewal and relocation complete. Of course that may be just so I will quit talking about it and we can start having normal family meals again. Right now our kitchen table is filled with maps of Chase Field and stacks of pictures that I took at the ballpark showing sight lines from potential seat locations. The family has been given strict instructions not to move anything as I have the pictures and maps in order based on preference. I keep telling Trina I have things under control. I don’t know why she keeps saying that I need some professional help. To be honest I had no idea there even were professional seat relocators so I am not sure who I would even call if I did need help. It must take a lot of formal training though because I heard Trina tell the kids that this help would require doctors.

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