What I Am Thankful For

Thanksgiving has as many meanings as people who celebrate the holiday. As a child in elementary school Thanksgiving meant the traditional story of the pilgrims coming to the new world to establish a colony and the friendship they created with the native American Indians. As I grew older, Thanksgiving became a metaphor for leaving that which we know for an unknown destination. The pilgrims represented youth searching to find their own way. The American Indian represented those we come in contact with who are willing to assist us in our path giving us sustenance when we need it the most helping us to survive the difficult times of our lives. Now as I have gotten older Thanksgiving gives me an opportunity to reflect on the bounty that I have received and to show my appreciation for what I have in my life. It is no longer a holiday of feasting on good food but instead is one where I can take a retrospective view of my life to understand the results of the decisions I have made. Having a roast turkey and all the trimmings just gives me another reason to be thankful. We have a tradition in our house that Trina and I started after we were married. Before blessing the food for Thanksgiving, we go around the table and allow each person to state what they are thankful for. It is a tradition that has become an important part of our holiday as it gives each of us time to express our gratitude for what we have.

It’s funny, whenever we go around the table professing our gratitude Trina always makes sure that I am last. I’m not sure whether that is because she’s afraid that I will take all the good things to be thankful for and she won’t have anything to say or if she is afraid that my answer will be so far fetched that it will ruin it for everyone else. I remember one time when we were first married and everyone took my answers so when it got to me I stated that I was thankful for opposable thumbs since it differentiated us from most of the animal kingdom. I think I have mellowed through time so she should not have to continue to worry about me. I have a lot to be thankful for so my answer took a little longer than the others and I wanted to share some of them here.

I am thankful for the National League so I can see baseball played the way it was meant to be where pitchers were responsible for hitting as well as pitching. I’m thankful for day games which give us an excuse to leave work once in a while and enjoy baseball in the sunshine. I’m thankful for retractable roof stadiums that keep us cool in the summer and allow us to play baseball under the stars when it is nice outside. I’m thankful for a 162 game season as it gives me 81 chances to go to a home game at Chase Field. I’m thankful for foul balls because that is the one thing that will stop a wave in the stands. Finally, I am thankful for opposable thumbs. Without them we wouldn’t be able to hold a baseball bat.

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