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A Suggested New Years Eve Celebration Change

New Years Eve has always been an interesting event. I always have wondered what it was within the psyche of the human race to find it necessary to count down to an event especially when that event is the turning of a page to a calendar. Who came up with the idea that there should be a celebration when a calendar is used up and a new one begins? How did it evolve into something that included strange cardboard hats, drinks laced with large...

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Getting the House Back to Normal

Shortly after Thanksgiving we begin to decorate for the holidays. This has been a tradition ever since I was a young boy. My grandfather made a big deal about Christmas and his house was always the one that people stopped in front of to admire the lights and decorations. When he got to the point where he could no longer decorate, I went over each year and placed the decorations up for him. It became a service project I looked forward to each...

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Monster Dot Com

Back as 2002 began I was working for Motorola. It was an awesome place to work. We were building semiconductors for Apple Computer and creating the circuits that would power the next generation of cell phones. We were a rogue bunch of engineers who were defining the information technology space for the next 3 to 5 years. The Winter Olympics were coming to Salt Lake City Utah just a few short months after the September 11 tragedy and the Arizona...

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Big Unit, Big Decision

Word coming out of New York today is that the Arizona Diamondbacks and the New York Yankees are negotiating a potential trade that would send Randy Johnson back to the Diamondbacks in exchange for young pitching talent. At first glance you have to wonder whether this deal makes sense given the youth movement the Diamondbacks have been touting for the past several months. Wasn’t this the same team that told fan favorite Luis Gonzalez in no...

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The Perfect Birthday Gift

At our house, we barely have time to clean up the aftermath of Christmas before we are back in the party mood. Trina’s birthday is two days after Christmas and I am not allowed to forget that fact. Growing up with you birthday this close to Christmas must have been murder. After all, no one is going to be interested in sending a kid to a birthday party this close to a major holiday. And gift giving kind of gets lost between buying...

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Preplanning Perfection

There are two days that I try to avoid shopping. The first is the day after Thanksgiving since that is typically the day that everyone on the planet goes to the stores making it impossible to find what you are looking for or if you do find it you are likely in line to pay for at least three hours. The second day I try to avoid is the day after Christmas since this is the day where everyone is returning all the items they bought the day after...

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Santa Has Been Berry, Berry Good to Me

Ah Christmas morning, nothing brings back memories quite like that. After a night that never seems to end, daylight finally starts to break and the first rays of sunlight pierce through the stillness bringing anticipation and hope everywhere. It is those first moments when sleep is the farthest thing from your mind and you lay there in the warm and toasty bed listening to the quiet and wondering what joyful bounty Santa Claus has left under the...

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How Not to Spend a Holiday

Christmas Eve is a wondrous day filled with lots of family tradition around our house. It is a time when we gather together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and enjoy each other’s company. It typically involves several activities that have been repeated throughout our years as a family. Some of the traditions seem relatively normal and sane such as watching a movie together as a family after dinner and having the children lay out...

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As the Arizona Diamondbacks began their 2006 season, they introduced a new fan loyalty program called MVP Rewards. I’ve talked about this program several times over the course of the season. The basic premise was that each game you attended you were awarded points. Each dollar you spent at the team shop or at selected concession stands you were awarded points. Finally, when you purchased from preferred vendors both around town and online...

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